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Maritza Acevedo
On Aug 04, 2011
Silver Sneakers is a good certification to have if you want to teach the 55+ population and more. I had students in my classes that have handicapped problems or post operations and SS classes helped them bring their movement back.

Their classes promote exercise, health, and social gathering which is very needed and important at this age.
Deborah Layton
On Jul 16, 2011
I completely agree with Gale--safe framework for teaching seniors. The course structure allows some freedom to pick and choose exercises but has somewhat "canned" music and formatting that makes it easy to get started--making it less intimidating. I have most used their modified yoga poses. I have ended up not teaching Silver Sneakers classes in health clubs but feel that you simply can't beat the price and there are enough training venues that anyone interested should be able to find a training nearby.
Gale Marchand
On Jul 14, 2011
Excellent entry level, safe framework for those choosing to work with the 65 + population. All of their trainings provide a framework that will do no harm, even if the certified instructor is new to teaching Seniors. The program from an insurance subscriber standpoint is outstanding as well as often they may be able to receive a complete membership at a fitness center at no charge to them. The Classes that Silver Sneakers subscribers have available to go to do a great job of meeting the needs of the population - especially for those that may have never exercised before in their life. Great Program. Also, of great benefit to a facility to be a designated location :)
Arun S
On Aug 22, 2013
Hey, I just got my Silver Sneaker pass. I was paying to play sports at two City owned and staffed community centers and the other day I used my pass. It was for use of the complete facility but only used it that day for indoor Pickleball. Having never played it prior I must say I picked it up really quick with all the friendly encouragement et al.
Got to say it was additionally gratifying because it for once didn't cost me a dime.
There were others there that had their passes and told me how they loved the benefits. I still need to use it more and then I 'll have a better idea of how good it is.

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