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Adelaida Ramirez
On Jun 19, 2012
Verified TRX Pro
Amazing tool and very informative workshop!! Im looking forward to attending TRX Sports Medicine!!!
Emily Zug
On Jul 21, 2011
Verified TRX Pro
TRX has changed my training. I offer a FREE session and they are hooked. 30 min is all it takes. Ever since I received the TRX certification I have doubled my clients. I would highly recommend the course.
Art Garcia
On Jul 18, 2011
Verified TRX Pro
I took the Group suspension training course in Feb 2011. It was the best it helped us tie in all the loose ends of Suspension Training in a group setting. We use it all the time at our studio and we are working towards a boot camp style, we have one group that love using the equipment. I particular have been called a TRX whore, I use it on all my clients. We tend to have older clients and they love it, it gives them mobility to do everyday tasks, and some have even shaved strokes off there golf game.

Dan is an excellent instructor, patient and tough. He mixes up the training well and challenged us to be the best trainers possible. TRX Rocks...
Debbie Russell
On Jul 14, 2011
Verified TRX Pro
I received my TRX training over a year ago after purchasing my TRX via the FitnessAnywhere site a year prior. As a Health Fitness Specialist, I introduced the TRX to members of our corporate wellness center performing one-on-one training.
I also use the TRX for my own core & flexibility conditioning for martial arts as well as for physical therapy for a recently diagnosed frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
I highly recommend the TRX Suspension Trainer!
Robert LoFaso
On Jul 14, 2011
The TRX is a great Tool for training your clients at your Studio, outdoors or at your Clients home. It has a full range of excerises for Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulders, Legs with core muscles being enaged as you work the other muscle groups. The core exercises alone will test your clients ability and push them to higher performance. Its a great tool for all ages and all levels of fitness.

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