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On Nov 27, 2011
Depends on how long you have been an instructor. If you have to build an hour class, you will need to learn all of the choreography for these songs -- both warm up, cardio/interval portions of the various dances and the cool down/stretch. As you progress as an instructor, you can fill in 2-3 new songs a month and either change up every class or keep the same choreography for a month and change it out.....let you class be your guide. I teach a lunch time class once and week and I find keeping the same format all month enables my students to learn the dances and helps me to not become too overwhelmed with constantly learning new choreography and then I substitute 2-3 songs each month.
Maritza Acevedo
On Aug 04, 2011
Zumba system is very good for those who want to get involve in the dance, aerobic, and fun environment. I love them. However, if you are certify with them, be ready to be with them. You invest money and you gain it back if you just do Zumba. They have all teaching tools to help you become their instructor: certification, choreography, videos, music, workshops, etc.

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