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Alok Singh
On Jan 29, 2012
Verified PTAG Pro
I entered the fitness industry holding two highly regarded certifications. However it was not until I took the leap and got certified by PTA Global that my training business really took off. PTAG is a great group of people who will help transform you into the trainer you aspire to be. I'm taking the Advanced Course now and its is wonderful, it has really opened my mind up to a new way of thinking of movement. They have helped me to find my pathway. I look forward to joining PTAG for one of their mentorships in the future. The material in PTAG is career changing! Throughout the past couple of years I have kept learning amassing 6 certifications. Throughout all this learning I feel that PTAG has been the most transformative! I highly recommend their educational system, it is an investment that you will not regret!
jose casas
On May 31, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
OK look, new to the industry knowing very little about personal training, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, the PTA Global Cert, offered at AHCP. I was so exited when I started the cert for many reasons; fun, science, tool to make me a great trainer, and most importantly able to communicate with my clients, and thank God I found what I was looking for with PTAG. It was such a life and career changing experience that I had to take the Advance course. Oh yeah and just for the record in the next few months I will be attending the Mentor-ships offered also by PTAG...
THANKS PTAG!!! for life and career changing experience....
Derek Vandenbrink, MA
On May 24, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
Going through the PTAG bridging course was the first step to significantly enhancing my abilities as a fitness professional. Applying communication and behaviour techniques is imperative to understanding your client(s). Learning myofascial lines and 3DC has blown the doors off of my functional exercise vault which I can confidently say is now infinite, and completely malleable to what my client(s) want and need. A fresh look at energy systems has helped my training become more efficient, and more importantly effective. And how about blending it all into truly enjoyable, dare I say FUN, format for both learning and applying on the floor.
The best in the world have one-upped themselves. Definitely the most formative step in my career.
Jessica Elzinga
On May 18, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
There is nothing to rival the expertise, professionalism and absolute fun factor that PTA Global provides its students. You will learn the entire scope of personal training - creative and scientific; you will get all the tools you need to begin a satisfying and successful career as part of a team with the brightest minds and the most caring individuals in the industry. You will be joining a community of professionals who are truly dedicated to helping others learn and grow - and who want to have an awesome time in the process. Their certification is what life is about, not just your job. Go for it!
Derrick Price
On May 13, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
The Personal Training Academy Global is the new kid on the block when it comes to certification and education but they are already creating a huge buzz in the industry with their innovative and up-to-date systems, sciences and tools. I have gone through their entire curriculum and it has launched my career to the next level in more ways than one. I was so geeked out by everything they shared that I knew I had to join forces with these guys and now I can proudly and humbly say I'm faculty of PTA Global. It has been the most satisfying and amazing experience of my career.
Ryan Crandall
On May 13, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
Personal training is way beyond just sets, reps, machines, muscles, and body fat percentage. True Personal Training is about a connection. The longer someone stays in the industry, the more DEPTH an individual will require to have the passion to sustain a connection with his/her client. PTA Global, gives trainers (no matter who long in the industry!) the tools and COMMUNITY necessary to bridge the gap between a mediocre trainer and one that has the horsepower and endurance to be their best! To be better, you must surround yourself with better. PTA Global has amassed some of the best of the best to learn beside you. Let's make this industry better, more whole, and let's join forces and conquer the health crisis that is invading our DNA. PTA Global is your next step, and I'm very happy to be apart of this great organization.
Robert Kirkland
On May 12, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
I have had other certifications and by far PTA Global is the best I've come across! The presenters they pulled together are all at the top of their respective fields and are passionate about the material their teaching! I'm have way through the PTA cert and it has been a breath of fresh air! I highly recommend PTA Global for anyone seeking to further their knowledge you won't be disappointed!
Robert Kirkland III
John Grogan
On May 12, 2011
Verified PTAG Pro
After 14yrs out of the industry, the only people who sparked my enthusiasm to get back in the game were PTA Global. The best presenters from around the world armed me with the sciences, systems and tools. Global mentorships, support, encouragement and friendship. My business began with 1 venue. In a year I've attracted Corporate and Government attention to expand to 5 venues with 2 more on the board. PTA GLOBAL ROCKS !!!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on Jan 29, 2012:
Hello Alok - thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share your thoughts with us - we are deeply appreciative of your kind words! Please stay connected to us through our Facebook and YouTube pages... and let us know how we can assist you on your educational journey. Thank you again and welcome to the PTA Global family ;-)
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on Jun 09, 2011:
Hello and thank you for your post! We deeply appreciate your comments and your honesty. That lets us and everyone else know how passionate you are about your education and the industry. Thank you.In fairness to others and to you, we would like to address some of these issues: 1- We understand that having too much information could be a bad thing, however, in order to be accredited and academically approved throughout the entire world (PTA Global is a global education & developme... more less
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on Jun 07, 2011:
Thank you Jose - glad we were able to help you and provide and experience that helped you and your career. It is our pleasure to be part of your life - thanks for being part of our family!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 24, 2011:
Thanks DV for your support and passion. This industry needs people like you- you make a difference and are appreciated my friend!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Jessica - as with Sharyn above, your comments mean a lot to us. With your background and your expertise, it is our priviledge to have you in our family! Thank you for posting here, we appreciate it ;-)
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Sharyn - to have people like yourself give us a compliment is very meaningful and appreciated. You are a true supporter and part of our family. Thank you ;-)
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 24, 2011:
Johno... you are a legend my friend and we appreciate your support. Thanks for taking time to help us and keep doing what you do - you make a difference!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 24, 2011:
Sensational - that all I have to say brother - you are a massive help and thank you for being part of our family. You make a difference!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
You are way ahead of the competition RC - thank you for your time and energy. Keep on keepin' on!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Lizzy - you rock sister ;-)
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Matthew - thanks for sharing with us and for helping us out here - keep doing what you do - we, the industry, needs you!
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Rob - glad to see you on board with us and thnak you for taking time to post. Keep up the good work bro ;-)
PTA Global (PTAG) Response on May 23, 2011:
Hey John - thanks for posting my friend and thank you for all you do in the industry
Sharyn Wright
On May 15, 2011
There are a lot of courses out these selling the latest and greatest fitness craze, how many of these have the science behind them? I wholeheartedly recommend that all trainers that are serious about making a real difference to people’s lives take the time to do some courses with PTA Global. Not only will it greatly improve your skill base and confidence, it will help you on a personal level too.
I have been working in the fitness industry for relatively short time (2 ½ years) however I have been attending gyms as a member for over 25 years, during which time I have been exposed to a huge variety of establishments, training methods and trainers.
I own and work in my small home based studio in Auckland, New Zealand and like many self employed trainers, I really missed not having like-minded trainers to talk to, train with and to continually exchange ideas.
After meeting Ian O’Dwyer at ‘Get NZ Active’ in 2009 I was totally absorbed by his knowledge and passion and I was delighted to hear of his close involvement with PTA Global - I wanted some of what he had!
Ian recommended I do the Online Bridging course to fill in any gaps between my current knowledge and where PTA Global was encouraging the industry to go (which is client centred simple, functional 3 dimensional movement that is fun and scientifically proven to work). PTA Global has partnered with many of the worlds top trainers/educators and I was going to get access to their knowledge. I felt there was a new generation of trainers being developed and I wanted to be part of this!
As soon as I signed up for the PTA Global online bridging course I became an instant member of their PTA Global community, I finally felt like I belonged to something! The skype, face book and e-mail support was incredible, not to mention the quality of the course. I was delighted to be able to attend the mentorship in Queenstown in December 2010 and it was an incredible 3 days and definitely the highlight of my career. Where else can you rub shoulders with some of the worlds best educators and ‘play’ outdoors while you are learning?
Thanks to PTA Global I have much more confidence in what I am doing on a daily basis. My toolbox of exercises, mobilizers, games and activities has increased significantly and my ability to ‘problem solve’ on my feet has improved. The best part is my clients love all their workouts even more than before.
My circle of trainer friends has increased exponentially with contacts in Singapore, USA, Australia and New Zealand and we all keep in regular contact.
I love my new PTAG family & you are welcome to join us!
John Sinclair
On May 13, 2011
I have been involved with many organizations and have countless certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, and post rehab. It was when I took the PTA Global certifications and courses and mentorships i finally realized how much was missed with other certifications. The first was a personal connection with the community of personal trainers all across the world. Everyone that takes this certification becomes part of a family, a commonality that all trainers that take revere. We all believe so strongly in the content and in evolving the fitness industry. We strive to enhance our knowledge- and to apply it in a way that is not self serving. We embrace the education we receive with humility, honesty and servitude. Everyone gives back- to the clients they work with and to the industry as a whole. The second thing is taking the best educators and developing a curriculum that ensures success for personal trainers and more importantly the client. The fitness industry needs more trainers that see the world through a different lens. A lens that serves the client first. I work for a company that saw this change in the fitness industry and embraced the culture shift needed to enhance the lives of those that need the enhancement. The health club i work for has made this our primary certification of choice and for good reason. It is the best. If you want a trainer's perspective- revolutionary- a clients- life changing- your business- flourishing and above all FUN! You will not regret your choice in becoming part of the PTAG community- Welcome aboard!
Liz Boyd
On May 13, 2011
A company focused on developing leadership through education - providing solutions for the concerns & challenges club owners, operators, managers, trainers and members/clients have had for the last decade. Thank you for listening PTA Global, and then doing something about it!
Matthew Brindle
On May 12, 2011
Finally an organisation that has a genuine interest in helping this industry to create change by offering great ongoing support and encouragement! If you have been in the industry for many years or just starting out, their passion to deliver the latest information with the systems, tools and sciences to back it up will ignite a passion within you and start you on a journey that you wont want to turn back from. Take the next step, you will love it, your clients will love it and hopefully the industry will never be the same again.
On Jun 07, 2011
PTA Global was terrible. I just finished the course, and it was awful. The online lectures are extremely hard to follow. They give you way more information and test your knowledge on corporations and personal injury law (VERY outside the scope of a personal trainer's expertise). The program itself was extremely overwhelming, and poorly organized. They don't even go over how to train individuals in different ways, instead relying on their "Program Design Tool" which spits out work-out plans for your clients that are impossible to understand. This program will probably be amazing in a few years when they work out their kinks, and revise their numerous typos (including wrong test questions).
Also, the program misstates and distorts scientific studies and reports. NOT worth the price.

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