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  • by Alok Singh on Jan 29, 2012

    I entered the fitness industry holding two highly regarded certifications. However it was not until I took the leap and got certified by PTA Global that my training business really took off. PTAG is a great group of people who will help transform you into the trainer you aspire to be. I'm taking the Advanced Course now and its is wonderful, it has really opened my mind up to a new way of thinking of movement. They have helped me to find my pathway. I look forward to joining PTAG for one of their mentorships in the future. The material in PTAG is career changing! Throughout the past couple of years I have kept learning amassing 6 certifications. Throughout all this learning I feel that PTAG has been the most transformative! I highly recommend their educational system, it is an investment that you will not regret!

    Response by Rodney Corn on Jan 30, 2012

    Hello Alok - thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share your thoughts with us - we are deeply appreciative of your kind words! Please stay connected to us through our Facebook and YouTube pages... and let us know how we can assist you on your educational journey. Thank you again and welcome to the PTA Global family ;-)

  • by User on Jun 07, 2011

    PTA Global was terrible. I just finished the course, and it was awful. The online lectures are extremely hard to follow. They give you way more information and test your knowledge on corporations and personal injury law (VERY outside the scope of a personal trainer's expertise). The program itself was extremely overwhelming, and poorly organized. They don't even go over how to train individuals in different ways, instead relying on their "Program Design Tool" which spits out work-out plans for your clients that are impossible to understand. This program will probably be amazing in a few years when they work out their kinks, and revise their numerous typos (including wrong test questions).
    Also, the program misstates and distorts scientific studies and reports. NOT worth the price.

    Response by Rodney Corn on Jun 09, 2011

    Hello and thank you for your post! We deeply appreciate your comments and your honesty. That lets us and everyone else know how passionate you are about your education and the industry. Thank you.

    In fairness to others and to you, we would like to address some of these issues:

    1- We understand that having too much information could be a bad thing, however, in order to be accredited and academically approved throughout the entire world (PTA Global is a global education & development company) - Asia, Australia, Europe and UK, the educational curriculum must meet specific governmental requirements. We don't set these, the countries themselves do. These requirements are currently more stringent than the US and is why there is an abundance of information not typically found in other certifications.

    2- The personal injury and law that you refer to is not on the Exam taken through the 3rd party proctored exam. We do however, strongly believe it is a very important aspect of training that a personal/professional trainer should know. These cases are ongoing all over the US and trainers as well as corporations are losing millions of dollars in lawsuits, many of which could be prevented with proper education and tools. We feel this is very pertinent to help the industry successfully grow and is also why we have developed exercise programs with a specific template that allows for documentation - which will be required if a trainer should find themselves in a court of law.

    3- As for how to train individuals in different ways, ironically, this is a focus of what we do. It is possible that due to the amount of information we have on this, that it could have been a bit much for some people, which is another reason why we provided a very simple, "3-click" web-based tool that provides exercise programs so the trainer doesn't have to hassle with developing on that covers the details. In our course, we detail how to understand your client, their behaviors and personalty traits in order to more effectively communicate and connect with them. This then translates into how to develop an exercise program more suited to the clients needs AND preferences (likes & dislikes). This is done to help increase the work efficiency on the part of the trainer and promote compliance in the client.

    4- As for the pre-made exercise programs, there are 3 presentations and 1 very specific presentation that details exactly how to use and read the programs. We have tested this with people who were not yet in the industry and who only saw 1 presentation. We looked at how well they could translate and apply the exercise programs. The results were overwhelming in showing the ease students had. We do realize that not everyone may have the same results or preference for this type of work style and would rather take the many hours to create their own template or pre-made program. We feel that it is important to keep in mind that any exercise program, regardless of when it is written - today or 20 years a go, is merely a template or a pre-made program. All exercise programs will have be be modified in some manner, all be it very small at times. Either way, it is still modified and by default that makes it only a template from which to work.

    As for how this PTA Global program works, we are more than willing to provide you and/or anyone at any time with references to club chains and/or trainers who have had tremendous success with the PTA Global curriculum - should you have questions about how to use and get the most out of the information.

    5- Lastly, if you could provide us the scientific studies that we have distorted, we would be happy to discuss or take specific feedback on the misuse of the information.

    Again, we deeply appreciate the time you took to post you comment. Please feel free to contact us personally. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  • by jose casas on May 31, 2011

    OK look, new to the industry knowing very little about personal training, I had the opportunity of a lifetime, the PTA Global Cert, offered at AHCP. I was so exited when I started the cert for many reasons; fun, science, tool to make me a great trainer, and most importantly able to communicate with my clients, and thank God I found what I was looking for with PTAG. It was such a life and career changing experience that I had to take the Advance course. Oh yeah and just for the record in the next few months I will be attending the Mentor-ships offered also by PTAG...
    THANKS PTAG!!! for life and career changing experience....

    Response by Rodney Corn on Jun 07, 2011

    Thank you Jose - glad we were able to help you and provide and experience that helped you and your career. It is our pleasure to be part of your life - thanks for being part of our family!

  • by Derek Vandenbrink, MA on May 24, 2011

    Going through the PTAG bridging course was the first step to significantly enhancing my abilities as a fitness professional. Applying communication and behaviour techniques is imperative to understanding your client(s). Learning myofascial lines and 3DC has blown the doors off of my functional exercise vault which I can confidently say is now infinite, and completely malleable to what my client(s) want and need. A fresh look at energy systems has helped my training become more efficient, and more importantly effective. And how about blending it all into truly enjoyable, dare I say FUN, format for both learning and applying on the floor.
    The best in the world have one-upped themselves. Definitely the most formative step in my career.

    Response by Rodney Corn on May 24, 2011

    Thanks DV for your support and passion. This industry needs people like you- you make a difference and are appreciated my friend!

  • by Jessica Elzinga on May 18, 2011

    There is nothing to rival the expertise, professionalism and absolute fun factor that PTA Global provides its students. You will learn the entire scope of personal training - creative and scientific; you will get all the tools you need to begin a satisfying and successful career as part of a team with the brightest minds and the most caring individuals in the industry. You will be joining a community of professionals who are truly dedicated to helping others learn and grow - and who want to have an awesome time in the process. Their certification is what life is about, not just your job. Go for it!

    Response by Rodney Corn on May 23, 2011

    Jessica - as with Sharyn above, your comments mean a lot to us. With your background and your expertise, it is our priviledge to have you in our family! Thank you for posting here, we appreciate it ;-)

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