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shelle cortez
On May 14, 2013
Just came across this site looking for upcoming fitness conferences. I have been certified by IFPA for a few years now. Would highly recommend them. Was able to get a job right away, and I am very proud to have recently opened my own studio. If your looking at to become a PT, IFPA is a great choice!
Yani Kokozaki
On Nov 01, 2012
I am a personal trainer who has attended and reviewed many fitness organizations. The great thing about IFPA's courses is that they are very informative and straight to the point. I should have checked IFPA before because in my opinion, i have wasted my money here and there to get the complete information when I could have gotten everything from one source.
Thank you IFPA for helping me build my career..
Arina Manta
On Oct 30, 2012
I am an IFBB Professional Figure Competitor, also a Springboard diver, a Fitness and Figure Champion and a Master trainer in Australia. As I am planing to move to USA for my career as a professional athlete and Master trainer, I wanted to expend my knowledge and have highest degrees within the USA.. Taking the IFPA Master course was the best think I have done , as I wanted to expend my knowledge and education. The IFPA support through the course was purely amazing. I highly recommend for everyone to take the IFPA Courses as is not oly recognized as one of the top accredited courses in the USA , but also Internationally. Arina Manta
Marie Johnson
On Oct 30, 2012
Love IFPA. Been certified with them since 01. And I've renewed with them many, many times. They have so many options to renew, which was one of the reaons I was drawn to the company. Def check them out if your lookin to becoming a PT.
Fairy Rona
On Oct 29, 2012
IFPA - The Leader in Practical Fitness Certification & Education - They are really meant it. I would highly recommend them to anyone in fitness field. Specially, I am very interesting to their biz model works with doctors to integrate the best practices in Evidence Based Medicine, Sports Medicine Protocols & Exercise & Nutrition Prescriptions for the Treatment, Care & Prevention of Chronic Disease, Disability & Dysfunctions (Post-Graduate Fellowship for doctors). It's the smartest way to help patients get back their health in nature way by doctor help and fitness program.

Rona Susan
IFPA Indonesia
Jim Bell
On Oct 29, 2012
The IFPA has developed a new and unique Certification course designed to help Trainers with the first and most critically important Phase of the Personal Training Process: The Client Consulting and Assessment Phase. The IFPA CLIENT CONSULTING SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION COURSE is designed to dramatically help Trainers with Recruiting and Retaining clients. In difficult economic times it becomes even more important that you "CLOSE" everyone you talk to. And this course will enable you to more effectively communicate, motivate and influence everyone you come in contact with! Good Luck!
Tim Coe
On Oct 29, 2012
My wife and I have been certified by the IFPA for about 5 years now. We chose IFPA because of the practical nature of their Personal Trainer Certification. We've had a great experience with this organization and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to become a personal trainer or continue their fitness education.
Rima Abou Rjeily
On Oct 29, 2012
IFPA is your best choice to get your knowledge and skills in fitness related topics to a whole new level...
Rima Abou Rjeily
Go IFPA!!! Go Lebanon Team :)
samir saliby
On Oct 29, 2012
If you're searching for top quality and professionalism for your sports career, there's no doubt that IFPA is the correct choice.
The Personal Fitness Training course provides the students with valuable information covering muscle, bone and body structure and mostly the practical part of the course; which all in all leads to an effective training without injuries.

Samir Saliby
Personal Trainer
joey rouhana
On Oct 29, 2012
I am a physical education teacher and a personal trainer, after IFPA not just my knowledge about human physiology,anatomy has improved to a whole new level but my knowledge in practical training and safety guidelines has been upgraded. IFPA has provided me with so many valuable useful tips and informations that transformed me to not just a Pers Trainer but an IFPA pers trainer. thank you IFPA. JOEY ROUHANA

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