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On Feb 14, 2012
My first experience with Pilates was with the Kane School, and it was awesome! It is a six month training period, which consists of three full weekends. Ten hours of observations. Ten hours of taking pilates with a master teacher, and ten hours of supervised teaching, which really helps you to perfect your skills. You also have to teach a full group class that is supervised, which brings it all together. I now feel confident teaching a Pilates Mat class in my gym. My instructor Meghan Pifko was a true professional, that made me fall in love with pilates!
On Aug 08, 2011
My own experience at Kane School can be described as transformative. A wealth of material, a creative, mindful approach to the work that is always respectful of 'Other' and 'Different' in a way that makes all welcome. You can learn as much as you want to and as much as you're ready for. It has been over 5 years now since I finished the certification at Kane. To date, I still think it's the best certification out there. Comprehensive. It allows you to learn in the way that you learn best. Kelly Kane is an inspiration. She embodies all that is great about the experience of learning because one is inspired to learn.
Kane School doesn't teach you to think. It recognizes that there's no other way to learn. And you start from there. Thinking right out of the gate...

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