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Jenn A
On Aug 08, 2013
Don’t plan on ever being able to test out and get a job. Basi only offers certification tests twice a year, which book up 6 months out. The problem being that by the time they list the test date/location on the website, it is already booked and they do not expand to meet the demand. I finished the training almost two years ago and every time I try to register for a test date, they say it is full, put me on a wait list to see if anyone cancels which no one does. Then ask if I can register for the next date in 6 months, they reply “we are not booking yet, try back again”. WTF
I don’t understand the business logic behind not wanting to have more test dates or locations. Students have to pay to take the test, do they not want to make money?
BASI Pilates (BASI) Response on Aug 09, 2013:
I cannot express how disappointed I was to read this comment. BASI prides itself in taking care of the needs of our students. Learning that someone (anyone) has been unsuccessful in arranging testing for two years is absolutely shocking. We implemented Centralized Testing in January 2011 to not only uphold an educational standard, but to raise that standard. In addition, standardization of testing procedures eliminated any discrepancies between examiners (hence, only Rael and myself at th... more less

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