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  • by Deborah Layton on Jul 16, 2011

    I like that Balanced Body recognizes that there is no one "right" way to teach Pilates. In that way, it might not be considered "classical." I took my complete training from Mat 1 through all the apparatus at Movements Afoot in Manhattan. I chose to take the training there because I knew they had more of a focus on movement education/healthy movement and a therapeutic approach--more attention to how to modify exercises for specific problems. However, I also took shorter trainings with teachers from Gotham City Pilates where they have somewhat more of a fitness approach for healthy populations. I would say that both approaches were really good in their own way and it's worthwhile to try taking courses from teachers from different backgrounds (dancers, athletes, PTs, etc.) if you're not sure what approach appeals to you. With Balanced Body, you can study different segments with different teachers or all with one teacher. There is also some collaboration for allowing students who've studied with other teachers to move around to different studios to complete their teaching hours, which can be helpful. I haven't done certifications with other organizations so can't really compare. But I would absolutely recommend Balanced Body--completely worth the time and money.