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Belinda Davis
On May 22, 2015
I for got to put my zip code 77713! PLEASE help me find my certificate! THANK YOU! Belinda,
Belinda Davis
On May 22, 2015
Belinda Davis, I got my personal trainer certificate. By a class through the mail. Long time ago and now it's miss. I forgot the name of the school that I got it form! It was a home course, long time ago! Please help me find a copy of it!, MY ADDRESS IS: 5625 Nicole Ln, Beaumont, Texas. THANK YOU!
Philip Fingado
On Oct 23, 2013
I did the program to become a Personal Trainer through Groupon. NCCPT was awesome. Every time I called in, the people were always professional and helpful.The material was challenging and thorough. I studied my @#$ off for the test but passed it on the first go around. I got picked up as a trainer less then two months later. Totally worth it.
Paul Krenzel
On Aug 29, 2013
I went though the NCCPT certification and loved the learning. The test is difficult, but the standards are high for this organization. I have studied other manuals and have taken other tests and this is the best I have studied.

There was great customer service and all the employees were helpful throughout the process of certification. I would definitely do it all over again!
Jim Coco
On Mar 08, 2013
I didn't pass my test the first time around. I'm in Omaha Nebraska.
Is there any testing sites or dates available in this immediate area? I would like to stick with your organization since I already have your manual. Currently I am unemployed, so I would like to get the ball rolling. You can e- mail me at Thank you!
Thea Ward
On Dec 19, 2011
Verified NCCPT Pro
I went through NCCPT for my personal trainer certification because the gym I worked for has a partnership with them. I am so glad I found this organization while trying to figure out where to get my cert. I loved the fact that I was able to get my study material online for free! It was so convenient to have my manual on my iPad. I also really enjoyed having the videos online for a portion of my studying. For me personally, it was easier to learn the anatomy that way.

The ability to take the exam online or in a number of locations is another plus.

I have had to call in and from the very beginning I have received nothing but great customer service. Aron especially has been there to answer all my questions, by phone, email or facebook.

I could go on and on but for me when considering my cert I wanted to know I was getting a good education, for a fair price and feel I could not have found a better place to start my journey in the fitness industry. I look forward to continuing my education with them.

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