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Tracy Treible
On Mar 26, 2013
Verified NESTA Pro
I've had a great experience with NESTA thus far. I received my group exercise instructor certification last year and this year opted for CPT. I have given myself a break but I will soon complete my HRM specialist cert as well. I had previously tried and failed at NASM for many reasons, but having seen their text I feel that NESTA really is not much different but for me it was presented in a much more approachable way. The videos along with the reading material work very well together---you still need to study this is not a give away. I see tons of reviews everywhere dumbing down the NESTA program and I think that's bull. This is a good program that gave me a wealth of knowledge. I didn't find the test to be unbelievably challenging but then again I read my materials and studied my butt off. If you feel that NESTA was so easy then that's great for you, you better be the best trainer out there....
I don't know what the "best" certifications out there are, I know there are many opinions however I can say that I feel confident having my name associated with this one.
Customer service was also super helpful whenever I had any issues.
Daniel De Falco
On Oct 29, 2011
Verified NESTA Pro
Really Happy about making my FTS cert with nesta, great material, very complete
Adelaida Ramirez
On Sep 23, 2011
Verified NESTA Pro
GO NESTA!! Good Certification to have the information they provide is informative... im happy!
Verified NESTA Pro
Hello Scott, I just passed the LWM exam. I had a CS facilitate my exam because there was a prob with my first test was not recorded the first time. I was mad-frustrated! The CS was helpful but what I do not understand is the thing about test results. Not getting an email confirmation afterwards. Why does it take too long to get a test result confirmation via email when you had already flashed it to your tester on the screen when they passed the test? and in the end screen, you also ask for the email address(?)and I never got the result, what was the point?

just wondering.. no biggie ;)
Abdelhak Chegri
On Jul 13, 2011
Verified NESTA Pro
NESTA certification board or staff are not up to standard considering that they claim to be a national fitness training certification. I found that whenever you need to call and ask a question or inquire about certification details etc,. it is very hard to talk to someone, and when you get through, the "customer service" people are not the most helpful. I have been certified with them since 2007, and they can't even verify my certification on my Idea Fitness Connect page. I will never consider getting re-certified with NESTA.
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. (NESTA) Response on Mar 22, 2012:
Sorry for any frustrations with the testing system. We've had our IT team looking into it. We think it is a browser setting issue. It only happens to a few students and that's why we ask for the email (in case it doesn't get automatically forwarded like it should since the testing system is a separate system from the student database). Basically, we're aware of the issue and we're working on it with Adobe (who administers our test). Hopefully this technical glitch testing did not take away ... more less
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. (NESTA) Response on Jan 18, 2012:
Hi Maria,We are definitely here to help! We want to help you clarify concepts not only to be successful on the exam, but more importantly to successfully use the information with your clients. That said, we can definitley go over where you were weak on the exam but we cannot go over specific questions as that would compromise the integrity of the exam (i.e. we'd would be "giving" you an answer key to those specific questions). Please email the author of the course, Mark Teahan (... more less
National Exercise & Sports Trainers Assn. (NESTA) Response on Jan 12, 2012:
Hi Suzi,
I apologize for your negative experience with the email response. We really do want to make all or our students' educational experience with NESTA exceptional. I'd like to discuss this with you to rectify the situation, but unfortunately I cannot locate your name in our system. Please email me directly when you get a chance.
Thank you in advance for the opportunity.
Scott's Response on Sep 02, 2011:
Hi LaWanda,
Technically your Wellness Coach Certification is not a NESTA certification but rather through the Spencer Institute (NESTA's sister company). We're working with IDEA to have Spencer Institute programs listed on their own respective page and then we can verify it. Please feel free to email me directly and I can explain in further detail. It should be up shortly.
Scott's Response on Jul 14, 2011:
Dear Abdelhak,First of all, let me formally apologize on behalf of NESTA for your customer service experience. We typically pride ourselves in our customer service and if we cannot respond to someone right away we respond within one business day. It troubles me tremendously to find out you had these issues. If you don’t mind, please email me directly some details of your experience so I can make sure this doesn’t happen again. My email is ... more less

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