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Majik Mann
On Jun 02, 2013
Another thing that would be great is if NESTA would let us know what our mistakes were. I called and spoke to Susan (she was awesome by the way - very helpful), and she told me that I wouldn't be able to know what my mistakes were to protect exam integrity. I get it, I do, but I want to be the best Fitness Pro I can be, so if I make a mistake in an exam, then I will probably make that same mistake with a client. Thus, knowing what mistakes were made in the exam will allow me to do the research and get it right, which could, in turn, prevent possible injury for a client. Am I making any sense? lol.

other than that - A1 to NESTA!
Majik Mann
On Jun 02, 2013
I am really happy with NESTA thus far; in the process of doing the Master Trainer program (PFT CERT accomplished!) and I have just completed the GEI, and I have to be honest, the GEI was easier (but it probably also has to do with the fact that I have been teaching GroupX classes for years now), but I still learned a few things.

As for the PFT... if you're studying at home, you need to study. The proctored exam isn't a walk in the park, but if you pass, you know your stuff! I prefer that over a mickey mouse PFT cert any day, and if you care about your clients you will too.

Just a suggestion though. NESTA should put some type of review quiz (with the answers) at the end of their chapters, just so we know we're on the right track. It would help us feel more confident about taking the exams. I know that I would have appreciated that for the Biomechanics module.

But I still give NESTA a 5star rating. Good job!
Tracy Treible
On Mar 26, 2013
Verified NESTA Pro
I've had a great experience with NESTA thus far. I received my group exercise instructor certification last year and this year opted for CPT. I have given myself a break but I will soon complete my HRM specialist cert as well. I had previously tried and failed at NASM for many reasons, but having seen their text I feel that NESTA really is not much different but for me it was presented in a much more approachable way. The videos along with the reading material work very well together---you still need to study this is not a give away. I see tons of reviews everywhere dumbing down the NESTA program and I think that's bull. This is a good program that gave me a wealth of knowledge. I didn't find the test to be unbelievably challenging but then again I read my materials and studied my butt off. If you feel that NESTA was so easy then that's great for you, you better be the best trainer out there....
I don't know what the "best" certifications out there are, I know there are many opinions however I can say that I feel confident having my name associated with this one.
Customer service was also super helpful whenever I had any issues.
Isa Brown
On Jul 19, 2012
After having read several reviews I as a little worried about it taking for ever to receive my certificate.
However, I ended opting for a NESTA certificate and I received top quality service! I had a minor issue submitting my first answer on the exam. I called the customer service and spoke to a very friendly and helpful person who got me sorted immediately.
I currently live abroad, in Europe, and I received my certificate 6 days after completing the exam so I'm pretty impressed!
All in all, I'm very happy and looking forward to possibly completing another course with NESTA.
Daniel De Falco
On Oct 29, 2011
Verified NESTA Pro
Really Happy about making my FTS cert with nesta, great material, very complete
Adelaida Ramirez
On Sep 23, 2011
Verified NESTA Pro
GO NESTA!! Good Certification to have the information they provide is informative... im happy!
On Jul 26, 2011
I have 3 certifications from NESTA and I am happy with all of them!
Shawn Fears
On Jul 15, 2011
I love the MMACA Certification!! The material presented is top notch and the NESTA training system is simple to follow and effective. If anybody is looking for an MMA training certification this one needs to be looked at closely. The quality of information is one thing, then when you add the FREE CEU's and added information related to fighting, training, biomechanics, and not too mention the business help along the way. When you get this certification you get the feel that they don't just want you certified....they want you successful!

I will definitely be doing more with this organization.
Alexandra Morales
On Jan 17, 2012
Same thing happened to me, I didnt pass the LWM exam, theres good info but it was very hard to understand thats why I didnt pass, I wish they'd tell me which ones I got wrong to help me out a little.
Im very afraid to fail at my second attempt.
Since money is tight now a days- I wont be able to afford paying $90 to re-take the exam.
Scott, can you help me with a few question of the exam that I dont understand?

-Maria Alexandra M.
Suzi Alva
On Jan 12, 2012
I payed for the lifestyle & weight management program, the book is very informative i learned a lot! but the whole program was very difficult since it had so much info to memorize and wasn't summarized.
I also felt that the e-mail costumer service was rude when I asked any questions.
And since the program was very tough I got an e-mail saying I didn't pass:(
The worst thing is that they won't tell you what you got wrong on the test so you can learn.


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