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Peter Rappoli
On May 08, 2014
The CCS certification is probably one of the most hands on certifications available and a great option for College or even Professional Strength Coaches. The practical requirements involve demonstrating pre & post exhaustion exercise sets, manual resistance training, PNF stretching, HIT training and biometric screenings. Unlike most certifications, the CCS includes one of the most overlooked components of strength training - time under tension (HIT training). Even if you have another training certification, the learning exposure offered by the CCS makes this certification well worth the time and investment.
Brendan Casey
On Jan 21, 2012
Great educational certification. I am enrolled at Miami Dade College for Exercise Science and this is the certification that they recommend for Personal Training certification. It is a wealth of knowledge taught by some of the best trainers in Miami, including Pro bodybuilders and Fitness experts. My instructor was a top level Tri-athlete that competed in national bodybuilding competitions with degrees in Exercise Physiology from FIU. They may not have the recognizable name as the others, but you can't compare an online class to real in-person instruction and demonstrations from true professionals in the industry.
William Jones
On Sep 14, 2011
This is an excellent organization for fitness professionals from beginner to advanced!
Jason Williams
On Jul 21, 2011
NSPA is a good educational certification, especially if your getting started in personal training.

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