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Dianne Della Ratta
On Oct 09, 2014
Verified NASM Pro
I have taken the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Certificate. I thought it was excellent. It had very good text book and on- line videos for each chapter.I found
the information useful and applicable with my personal training business.
Renee Chatham
On Mar 25, 2014
Verified NASM Pro
NASM has great fitness programs! If I could take them all I would. (I currently have 5). Anyone wanting to get into becoming a Personal Trainer, NASM is the best choice!
Alvin Rebellon
On Oct 27, 2013
Verified NASM Pro
I held back for a long time about taking a fitness certificate course due to the content that other fitness organizations put in into their course study that for me is not enough to compliment or support my Bsc in physical therapy. Finally, NASM delivered. There's no regrets about my decision to take PES and I feel more confident now in my fitness career that I could help more people with the knowledge I gained from NASM and be one of the best fitness pros in the market. Thanks NASM, you ROCK!
Shlomo Fishman
On Oct 05, 2013
Verified NASM Pro
It's all about credentials, and NASM has all the answers!!
Having done both the CPT and PES courses, I can't tell you enough about how the programs get you ready to everyday work.
I highly recommend NASM to all those looking to go into a fitness career!!
Shawn Fears
On Jul 15, 2011
Verified NASM Pro
Great Certification! The science is nothing new, but the way it is presented and organized is very user friendly. If you are just starting out and are looking for a certification, you won't go wrong with NASM.
Scott Christensen
On Mar 02, 2012
NASM is the ultimate program for functional training. As a martial artist I was interested in injury prevention and NASM had all the answers.

Most certifications skip the most important phase, which is the stabilization endurance phase and because of that we allow the weights and the environment to control us.

Now that I both teach and personally use the NASM principles, I have remained injury free, stronger than ever and I have much more control over my environment. I am very happy with the results.
Vijay Thakkar
On Oct 13, 2011
I've done my NASM CPT exam!! I loved the course content, especially the OPT model. It makes complete sense and has helped me understand the importance of goal specific training and it helps to plan the workout programme specific towards that direction.
On Jul 21, 2011
Love NASM! I have my CPT & PES and the content is very well organized and although it was challenging, it was worth it!! Gotta love the opt model :)
Damian O'leary
On Jul 14, 2011
I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism of the NASM.
One slight problem I am having at the moment is that the Register of exercise professionals(REPs) in the uk will not except my Nasm credentials. This says more about Reps than NASM. The system in the United Kingdom is ridiculous. A 6 week below par course puts you at level 3 but they do not accept Nasm. Enraged with them right now:-(
Feel proud to be part of such a great organisation.
Can't wait to do CEX soon
Gary Giamboi
On May 12, 2011
The NASM's CPT program is The Functional Training certification.
This is especially true if you have a Yoga, Taiji (Tai Chi) or Pilates background.
It is one of the harder ones to pass; and, it is harder to get CEUs because they are so strict about the content of the courses they approve.
At the end of the day, it is well worth it!

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