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Sans inam
On Nov 05, 2014
Hello everyone I am totally new to this process. I am so confused about the whole certification process. I teach bollywood fitness and would like to have some kind of certification to back that up. Here are my questions:
1. Which is better - AFAA or ACE?
2. Do i have to keep taking classes after passing the exam to keep the certification valid?
3. I teach privately - so i wont be needing to teach at any gym - Which is the most ideal certification in that case?
4. How big a deal is it that AFAA is not NCAA acredited!?
thanks in advance
K Sher
On Aug 02, 2013
If I receive a letter with an ID card that has an AFAA member number, does this mean that I passed the Group Fitness Examination??
Emily Martinez
On Sep 10, 2011
The first certification I ever received was the AFAA Primary Instructor certification. What I love about AFAA is the fact that they include a PRACTICAL component to their certification exams. So not only do you need to KNOW the information, but you need to be able to APPLY it in the group fitness/personal training/etc. environment. I wish that other organizations would/could add that to their certification requirements.
The only issue that I have with AFAA is that they are not an NCCA-accredited organization. I am an instructor in the Exercise Science department at a university, and we require our graduates to receive an NCCA-accredited fitness certification. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend AFAA certifications to our students because they are not NCCA accredited!
Also, for this same reason, earning CECs is a little more difficult with AFAA--because they are not NCCA accredited and they only accept AFAA-approved (i.e., created) courses and workshops for their CECs. I can attend a workshop that provides AFAA CECs, or I can attend a workshop that provides ACE CECs, but I will typically not get CECs for both AFAA and ACE in the same workshop (which means I have to take double the workshops/pay double the money for those workshops)!
Derek's Response on Sep 13, 2011:
Hi Emily,Thank you for your review! AFAA is proud to continue to offer a hands-on practical exam and workshop. In light of some industry confusion surrounding the certification of fitness professionals, the accreditation of certifying agencies and proposals to license fitness professionals in various states, following is some insight into these issues from a well-known industry lawyer and commentator, David L. Herbert, co-editor of The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter, now in i... more less
Maritza Acevedo
On Aug 04, 2011
I have been certified by AFAA for 11 years. It was my second certification. I always like the professionalism and background of their workshop instructors. Never had a problem with my certification and they were always willing to help me if I encounter one with the paperwork involved.
Deborah Layton
On Jul 16, 2011
I completed the Group Exercise certification as well as some other 1-day or online courses. The trainings do provide good science-based information and are a good starting point for new teachers. They are a good value for the training received. However, as I have become a more highly-trained and experienced instructor I have felt that their trainings no longer meet my needs. Would I recommend them as a first certification for new instructors? Absolutely! Would I say that you can meet all your on-going continuing education needs with them--probably not.
Tina Sardo
On Jul 14, 2011
I was ok with the first couple of certifications group, kickboxing, and mat science I received from AFAA but the last one for the personal training I was quite disappointed in the instructor he had a very arrogant attitude and showed such favoritism to a couple of the "cute girls" I missed 9 out of 150 questions but during the practical I only told my "client" she did a good job once (because I was nervous) he failed me. So I would not recommend the Personal Training course to anyone.
On Jul 13, 2011
tis organization is terrific. the master trainers want you to succeed. many of us do not have a background in the sciences,yet we can succeed and pass the exams administered. the positive attitude of the insructors is great for the self esteem of those of us trying to get ceritified. the price is always right. ACE is always bragging about how many people are not successful the first time around on their exams. they think saying they are tough makes them special. not true. their exam is way too impractial. i like the practical segment of the AAFA test experience.
Melanie Bolen
On Jul 13, 2011
I enjoy that AFAA has you do a workshop to certify... hands on training is essential. I DO think that AFAA should offer more in regards to structuring group fitness classes (see the All Star Presenter Camp from Powder Blue) as either an option or a requirement... that could round it out and make it unbeatable! :-) Very happy with this certification, though :-)
Lisa Lorraine Taylor
On Jun 04, 2011
As an AFAA Fitness Practitioner, Primary Examiner and now a CEU Provider (Certifications started in 1995), I've been blessed to meet so many wonderful people throughout the years, both AFAA Specialist and those coming into the Fitness Industry. Never stop learning and adding to your knowledge and AFAA can definitely help you get there.

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