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David Seigneur
On Aug 25, 2011
Verified ACSM Pro
The ACSM CES (Clinical Exercise Specialist) examination has changed since I took it, but primarily I think for the better. This certification is very clinical, intended for individuals working with clients at high risk for, or recovering from, cardiovascular, pulmonary or metabolic diseases. The exam has become more job focused, testing for the knowledge needed and used routinely by CES professionals in the field. Obtaining CES certification means you meet a set standard of knowledge needed in this field, which is appealing for employers. I would suggest looking at for additional information and resources.
Mindy Caplan
On Aug 08, 2011
Verified ACSM Pro
I was certified by ACSM as a HFI in the mid-90's. Not only were the exams challenging but I learned a lot, especially on the practical exam. Having an ACSM certification has proved to be a valuable certification, and the fitness centers as well as the public recognize ACSM as a leader in the industry. As an ACSM member I receive monthly newsletters that provide updates, reviews and opportunities to earn CEC's without attending long workshops and the material is always interesting and informative.
Cynthia Geraud
On Jul 14, 2011
Verified ACSM Pro
The ACSM-HFS (Health Fitness Specialist) is also a challenging exam. I obtained a Bachelor's in Exercise Science, which was geared towards the HFS exam, so near graduation, I was ready to sit for exam and felt prepared. I agree with Gale in that you have to learn a whole lot to prep for these exams, and that there is always more to learn! ACSM is great at providing ongoing CEC opportunities for their certified professionals as well as educational support materials. Love this organization! Very high standards, and well worth the work it takes to earn the credentials.
Gale Marchand
On Jul 14, 2011
Verified ACSM Pro
ACSM CPT is a challenging exam. I spent many hours preparing for the exam, and yet, even after passing left with the feeling I need to continue to know more. I think that is spectacular! This is much more challenging that the 2 other CPT exams I have taken or any of the Group Fitness certifications I have taken 3+). I think it is no wonder that ACSM claims it's certification 'has achievement written all over it.' That is not a big fat claim. It is a fact.
The ACSM resource, materials, certification and credential are indispensible to me in my Fitness Practice both as a Manager, Owner of my own separate company, in personal training sessions and in group classes. Maintaining membership with ACSM has also been an invaluable resource as well.
Maria Beall
On Mar 08, 2013
Verified ACSM Pro
I hoping that ACSM will come out with their opinion on Body Pump. As a HFI with ACSM AND a Body Pump instructor, I have many questions and was told that ACSM had not conducted any research yet. This trend is gaining steam and we are experiencing different issues in the fitness world and need answers. I look forward to ACSM being the leader and aiding us instructors, thank you!
Esta Morenikeji
On Oct 07, 2011
I'm preparing for The ACSM GEI exams I plan to write it in the first week of December.
Ojo Rufus Ajayi
On Jan 25, 2012
I am a Nigerian. I have B.Sc.(PHE), M.Ed.(Exercise Physiology), Ph.D(Exercise Physiology). I want to sit for ACSM(RCEP) Examination.How do l pay and sit for the examination? I want to be a member of ACSM- how do l pay my membership fees? I want to attend the world conference coming up in San Francisco, California(29May-2June,2012)-how do l apply for this. However, ACSM is known all over the world as the only body that understands the language of ideal healthy living and prolong life expectancy via fitness training. The good quality and recognition of ACSM Certificates all over the world authenticate this claim. So, l want to join the group of this great achiever. Ojo, Rufus Ajayi(Ph.D). E-mail: Cell Phone +2348036792839.

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