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Gretchen Oliver
On Feb 18, 2013
Kristin has helped me jump start my 2013 training. I am a distance runner and needed to add some strength training into my workouts. After 6 weeks of training twice a week with Kristin, I can already see and feel a difference. My hill workouts are both stronger and faster, and now that I have added speed workouts into the mix, I can see a drastic improvement! Kristin designs a challenging workout specific to my goals and needs, and I leave ever session feeling challenged and stronger. I cannot thank her enough or all she does for me!
Cindy Carlstead
On Jul 09, 2012
Kristin is a fantastic personal trainer! She will help transform your body and mind. With her challenging workouts that change weekly, her insistence on proper form, her encouragement to try new combinations of movements and inspiring enthusiasm, I saw results in less than 10 weeks. From someone who couldn't do a lunge or go up/down stairs without pain nor hold a plank, I've recently completed a 42 mile bike ride and hiked 2 Catskill high peaks...and it was easy. THANK YOU!!
Bernadette Giardina
On Jun 18, 2012
After suffering a broken ankle, I came to Kristin to help get me back in shape for an upcoming rock climbing trip. She enthusiastically worked with me to establish an exercise program to strengthen, stretch and tone my body. By the time we were done with my sessions, I was ready for my trip and had a fantastic week of climbing in Nevada. Thanks, Kristin.
On Jun 18, 2012
Kristin helped me get back in shape after suffering a broken ankle. She gave me a good variety of exercises to strengthen, stretch and tone my body. By the time our 2 months of sessions were done I was strong and ready for my week long rock climbing trip in Nevada. Thanks Kristin!
Ann Lieberburg
On Jun 11, 2012
I train with Kristin at the Guilderland YMCA. She is AWESOME!! Works me hard and doesn't let me get away with anything :-), but can recognize when I am truly fatigued. Very encouraging and supportive. LOVE her!

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