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Danielle Hall
On Feb 09, 2015
Aaron's not just any trainer. He's the perfect combination of friend, cheerleader, and ass-kicking drill instructor. When you're in the worst mood, he brightens your outlook on life. When you're feeling weak, you encourages you to feel strong and quiets your doubts. He'll remind you that pain is weakness leaving the body when he's pushing you to your limits, and will make you feel proud when you kill it. He's everything a trainer should be.

In a few short months with Aaron, I've increased my endurance, lost weight, and toned my muscles. I've learned more about eating and nutrition in 2 months than I thought possible. His program truly works! Most important to me is that Aaron is genuinely good person who cares about me and my results. His motivation and professionalism are the real keys for me staying on track and reaching my goals.
Jeremy Cyr
On Nov 14, 2014
Aaron is great; challenging, motivating, and knowledgable, he has a great attitude and sense of humor that makes training as fun as it can be! I highly recommend Aaron and GR Fitness to anyone looking for anything from help with direction to full-on instruction and accountability.
Nicole Notario-Risk
On Oct 10, 2012
Aaron is a great trainer, who helped me to seriously jumpstart my weight loss a few years ago. After slipping back into my unhealthy ways I recently came back to Aaron to help get me back on track and it has been a great move. My weight is coming back down and I'm feeling really good. His style is straight forward and encouraging and he meets you wherever you are on the weight loss spectrum. If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable and put you through workouts that will help you feel fit and toned, then he's the guy for you!
Denise Hamill
On Oct 06, 2012
I have been utilizing Aaron’s personal training services for the last 6 month., I have never had the tone in my arms and legs like this, I am extremely pleased with Aaron. I like that he motivates me and he really knows how to mix it up so it doesn’t feel like the same old same old routine. He listens to me and makes very candid suggestions that has given me positive results.
Kelly VerHage-Price
On Jun 06, 2012

I utilize Aaron for personal training for the past two months, he truly is keeping me focused on my fitness and wellness goals. He challenges me and I walk away saying "oh yes I just did do that!". Co-workers have asked what I've been doing different, I say you've got to see Aaron and 3 of my co workers have. Best investment I've made in myself, Thanks Aaron
Susan Youngren
On Jun 05, 2012
Very happy with Aaron. He makes me work hard but is careful about my injuries and health situation. I would recommend him to anyone.

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