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Jeff McKenna
On Oct 08, 2011
Trying to find a trainer that understands daily lifestyles is hard to find. I am luck enough to have found him. Josh is knowledgable and understands that the normal working persons schedule is tough to keep that perfect diet in tact. He has taught me what to eat and when. I am trying to make a professional sports career, and is helping me get to that point. His workouts are tough. You don't realize how great they are until you see the weight flying off. By his diet and 3 one hour workouts, I lost 10 lbs. and 4 inches off of my stomach in ONE MONTH. I couldn't believe it. I suggest everyone give him a try. If you want a trainer that gives you his full attention, Josh is your guy. He will push you to the limits and keep you on track toward your goals. If you don't try him, your only cheating yourself. Best trainer I have ever known. Thanks Josh.
Jeff McKenna
dan henderson
On Oct 06, 2011
Josh hits the ground running, starting with the very first consultation. His enthusiasm from the first meeting is contagious and spills over into the gym. He has a knack for making you feel as though you are his only client and he is constantly racking his brain and researching to find innovative ways to help you obtain your goals. Encouraging text messages as well as emails containing articles or tips on nutrition are of the norm. His knowledge of nutrition and people-specific training exercises is top shelf. Of course none of that means anything if you don't see results, and that is where he excels. If you look at his clients compared to clients of other trainers, the differences are stark. 2 months and the mirror becomes your friend, not something you dodge. 3 months in and I am more fired up to put in work with Josh than I was when I started. Fantastic hire!

Dan Henderson
toni crowder
On Oct 05, 2011
Josh is the greatest trainer! He is very knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition. He is always full of energy, very positive, and encouraging. I was working through an injury and he was very creative on how I could get in a great workout without creating further injury or being painful. I would recommend him as easily the best trainer in middle Tennessee, hands down! -Toni Crowder

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