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Amanda Brown
On Jun 13, 2012
Linda has helped me get back into a workout regimen that has actually stuck! I go to her boot camp classes twice a week and can really notice a difference in my body. She keeps her classes interesting, always changing up our exercises. I also feel that Linda caters to each individuals needs so you can really work on your personal goals. Linda is the best!
Tammy Brown
On May 31, 2012
Linda has changed the way I think about fitness and nutrition in a huge way. Through her coaching and guidance I've experienced a lifestyle change. We've been working together in for about 9 months and in that time I've lost weight, toned my body overall and have a much brighter outlook on how I look and feel. Linda is a terrific trainer who gives a well balanced workout to make me feel great. She is also a warm, caring person who really wants to help her clients and comes through with flying colors. I would recommend Linda and her training and nutrition methods to anyone who really wants to make a change in their life!
Paige La Pierre
On May 30, 2012
Linda has brought me to a new level in my fitness & nutritional knowledge. As my nutritional coach, we worked together for approximately 3 months. My goal was to learn portion control & what foods work together to do the best for my body. Not only did she excel in any expectations I had, she spent the time with me grocery shopping, we created meal plans together so that I would be fully prepared to take over healthy eating on my own AND she even cooked with me! Working with Linda has given me the best insight I've ever gained from a nutritional/motivational stand point. She is 100% out to help you gain the confidence so that you can then carry it on with you. And should you need her, she's only a phone call away ~ Thank you Linda:)
Jackie Nith
On May 29, 2012
Linda is a great talent in the wellness industry. She's a great fitness instructor and is very knowledgeable in nutrition. She also has the ability to connect with clients on a personal level making her a great coach.
Rose Espinoza
On May 29, 2012
Linda's great! No only does she provide an awesome workout, she also gives you positive enouragement throughout the session. I started working out with her January of this year and can definitely feel the difference in my body. Thanks Linda!
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