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Crystal David
On Oct 19, 2011
There are so many good things to say about Stacy, I don't even know where to start! I met her at Lumberton Fitness through one of the many classes she teaches. To say that she is in good shape is a understatement. She is in FANTASTIC shape. I love her yoga class. But she also teaches a great variety of classes because of her athleticism. I have really come to appreciate her because not only is she kind and patient and a GREAT teacher, but she is also extremely personable. She tries to get to know everyone by name. She greets everyone when they come in and says goodbye when they leave. She has a warm personality that is inviting and friendly, which I think is hard to find in the "gym atmosphere." I would recommend her to anyone!
Neal Riley
On Sep 07, 2011
I've been coaching Stacy since May 2011 and she has continued to impress me. She was already in great shape when she joined my classes and yet she has still improved every week during the past four months. She has picked up new skills quickly, adapted to a new style of working out, and she is always pushing to improve herself. We love having her in our classes and look forward to seeing what she will be capable of in the future!

-Neal Riley
Head Trainer at CrossFit Beaumont
On Sep 01, 2011
I have been participating in Stacey's yoga and pilates classes for two months. Stacey is a superb trainer and instructor. I have come a long under her careful tutelage. She is very patient, personable, and caring. With each workout she is careful to show how each participant can modify the movements to fit individual needs and capabilities while at the same time encouraging us all to do our best. I am delighted to have found Stacey and always look forward to her classes.

Helen Larsh
Marlo Leviness
On Aug 28, 2011
Stacey is an exceptional trainer and instructor. She has a passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, and is very personable. Her classes are enjoyable, and you are guaranteed to get a great workout. I would recommend her classes, and her services as a personal instructor, to anyone.

Marlo Leviness
Amanda Adams
On Aug 16, 2011
Stacey is an amazing instructor. She is very knowledgeable and helpful during her classes. She makes everyone feel welcome, takes the time to offer different options for all levels, and keeps her eyes on everyone to make sure they are doing things correctly and have proper form. I had wanted to try yoga for a long time and was scared to walk into a class as a novice, but after my first class with Stacey I have been hooked. I still struggle at times, but I can definitely tell that I am getting stronger all thanks to Stacey.
Jennifer Bell
On Aug 15, 2011
I just recently began working out again and a friend of mine talked me into trying Yoga. Stacey instructed my first class and I have not missed a class she has taught since I started. I completely fell in love with it and I am very sad that will not be able to attend classes taught by her anymore due to my job conflicting with her classes. Stacey is a wonderful instructor. She reminds me when and how to breathe, demonstrates different levels, she is always very positive, and she makes everyone in the class feel welcome, able, and fit.
Lauren Holton
On Aug 14, 2011
I attended my first yoga and pilates sessions with Stacey last week at Lumberton Fitness, and will definitely be returning. I felt as though I'd had a balanced workout delivered by a professional and experienced trainer. Stacey is encouraging and knowledgable; I look forward to making her classes a regular part of my fitness routine!
Lauren Holton
Paula Orozco
On Aug 13, 2011
I have been attending Stacey's 7:30 classes for quite some time. One thing for sure is that when her class if over I am literally dripping with sweat which tells me that I had a fantastic workout. One thing I like about Stacey's classes is that she is always trying new things that challenge your body. She is great about demonstrating the different levels of a particular exercise which makes it easier to follow along. Stacey always has such a motivating attitude when she does her classes. She is just a great instructor and I am so glad that I am still physically able to do her classes.
Paula Orozco
Kate Jeffrey
On Aug 12, 2011
Stacey is the perfect combination of motivation, guidance, knowledge, inspiration and empathy. Not only does she practice what she preaches, she has the rare quality of really connecting with her clients on a personal level.

As a Mom myself, I really appreciate her perspective and her being an example of how you can run a family and take care of yourself at the same time.

She is also wonderful at intuitively adjusting the correct intensity levels for each client, to make sure each one is getting the appropriate work out for them. I highly recommend Stacey.
Gina Plaunty
On Aug 11, 2011
I have been attending Stacey's classes around 5 years now. I also enlist her as my personal trainer when I have an upcoming event. I never burn out because she knows how to slightly change up the class, to challenge us. Her step/weight class is the core of my weekly excercise regimen. I have rarely missed her 7:30am class ever since I began her classes. I am so glad I found her! Thanks for everything! Gina Plaunty

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