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jody dodge
On May 09, 2013
Monica's classes are awesome! I love that she keeps the classes small so she has time to coach us on technique. Some of the excersises I had been doing wrong for years and did not know until starting her classes. She showed me the correct way. She mixes the classes up so they dont get monotonous. She pushes me to work hard! I remember the first time I went to class, I was pretty nervous. There was no need, she made me feel comfortable and made sure I knew what to do. I had gotten away from a regular excersise routine. The best thing I did was to start with her. I feel younger and stronger! I strongly recommend her classes. Thank you so much Monica for everything you give to us and your program!!
Stacy Wegner
On Apr 19, 2013
Monica is the most positive motivating trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She makes you feel like you can do anything and encourages you try new things.

Monica is great about giving individual tips, tricks, and mondifications for the needs of each of her participants. She works with you to get the most out of each work out and empower you to do well.

I highly recommend Monica for the first time to the seasoned person. Her commitment to offering all types of training and fitness class throughout the month and year there is no way to be bored with all the opportunities.

I can say enough about the positive experience I have had being apart of her classes. Come and join us! You will want to make it apart of your fitness program.
Julie Wyatt
On Mar 31, 2012
Love, love, love Monica's classes! I've never felt this good in my life, and I'm excited to see where these classes take me. I've now participated in 2 5K races sponsored by Monica and plan on running the Dirty Girl this summer. I know that with the specialized training I get in Monica's classes, I will reach my goals in no time! Even if the class is full, she takes time out for each participant to make sure they are exercising to their full potential. She pushes you without abusing you! :) And when I'm working out at home, I can hear her in my mind saying, "don't arch that back, hold your core in! watch your form!" Can't thank Monica enough - if you're even thinking about it, just DO IT! She's taken me from an overweight and uncoordinated beginner and has been encouraging me all the way to a more fit, healthier, confident individual. Thanks to Monica, I know I can reach my goals!!
Sandy Onischuk
On Mar 22, 2012
Monica's classes are addicting!! I was asked to come to one of Monica's classes about 1-1/2 years ago and I'm in the best shape I have ever been in all my 54 years--thanks to Monica. I had always gone to the gym with little or no direction and soon got bored with the treadmill. In Monica's class you get individual help, encouragement,
direction, and all in a great 45 min. workout. She has all the equipment
that you need..and changes the workout every week so you are never bored by doing the same personal favorite is the medicine balls!!! hurts so good!!! I have made Monica's classes be a part of my life...and it has been the best investment into an older healther me!!!!
Thank you...Monica!!
Love ya, Sandy
On Mar 22, 2012
Monica's classes are great. She changes up the work-outs with a variety of exercises, and encourages everyone to do their best. She is always patient and helpful. I would recommend anyone, at any level to attend her classes.
Tracy Hardyman
On Mar 21, 2012
The first class that I took was a total body workout with about 8 other people in the class. Monica explained everything thoroughly and I got a lot out of the class. It was an extremely good workout in only 45 minutes. Monica made sure that I was doing each station with correct form so I didn't strain any muscles, yet she gave me tips to make it more difficult and bring it to the next level if I wanted to get more out of it. She has a terrific way to explain how to execute the workouts at each station and she motivates and encourages you to do your best. It doesn't matter what level you are at or if you have small limitations, Monica can modify it for your needs. I would highly recommend her classes for anyone who wants to work on cardio and strength together in one class.
Liz Oberding
On Mar 21, 2012
Monica has the ability to tailor the workouts to each individual person. She is extremely knowledgable and talented as an athletic trainer. If you do the work, you will definitely see results. Monica worked one-on-one with my daughter to prepare her for hockey season. She was able to see great results and began her season in great shape. I would highly recommend Monica for personal training and workout classes.
Heidi Kennedy
On Mar 21, 2012
Monica is a wonderful motivator and trainer. I was first introduced to her when I ran a 5K sponsored by her this past fall. I really enjoyed the run and it was my first ever 5K. She was very encouraging during the whole run and made sure everyone was successful in their own way. After this 5K I started attending her fitness classes and I have never been disappointed with my work-out. Even if there is a large group, she makes sure everyone is doing the maximum they are capable of in the work-out. She makes you feel like an individual and wants you to be succesful in her class. I would recommend Monica to anyone wanting to improve their current fitness level :) Thanks for all you do Monica!

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