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Janice Toyoshima
On Jan 13, 2014
I began my association with Laurel and FitCamp since fall 2010. Like many people, I need an "enforcer" to help keep on track with an effective fitness regime of diet and exercise. Laurel has helped me set realistic goals and meet them. Her knowledge and expertise helps me work around my physical issues (bad knees and trigger points) so that I can gain the most benefit. I highly recommend Laurel Neal as a trainer, no matter what your fitness level is at the start, she will help you.
Luci Lagemann
On Jan 11, 2014
I have been a client of Laurel's for 10+ years and a faithful and proud annual participant in FitCamp Los Gatos for nearly as long. Laurel works hard to keep me honest--she motivates me to maintain my commitment to my health and ensures I'm focused on continually improving my level of fitness. She holds me accountable and provides support, so there are no excuses. No matter how much I complain, say "I can't", roll my eyes, and huff and puff, she won't back down.

Laurel is an expert and a professional, and I recommend her 110%. Regardless of your experience and current level of fitness, she's the trainer who can help you get where you want to be.
Richard Silkebakken
On Jan 09, 2014
I have been attending Laurel's "FitCamp" classes for over 5 years now, and I recommend her highly to anyone looking to get serious about getting fit.

When I first joined, I didn't have a regular exercise habit, and I was feeling overweight and tired. Thanks to Laurel's consistent encouragement and firm accountability, I felt motivated to start a weight loss plan. The first 6 weeks were quite challenging, but as I started to see slow but steady results (1-2 pounds per week), I started to feel better about myself.

After 18 months of regular exercise and watching what I eat, I had lost 67 (!!!) pounds. Laurel didn't want me to stop there, either. She also encouraged me to challenge myself further... I started running and eventually was able to complete two half marathons and several 10K runs.

I count on Laurel to "keep me honest" about meeting my fitness goals. She is always encouraging and challenges me to be my best. I love her for it. :-)
On Jan 09, 2014
Laurel has been motivating me for the last several years both through her Fitcamp sessions in Los Gatos as well as through personal training. She utilizes different techniques to keep me motivated and truly cares about the overall well being of her clients. Her workouts are very effective. She also advises her clients on meal planning, nutrition, etc. in order to achieve overall physical fitness success. I would hands down recommend Laurel's services to anyone serious about improving their overall health.
Jagannath Sadasivam
On Jan 07, 2014
I have been a participant of the Fitcamp session at Santa Clara for an year. Laurel's classes have been remarkably helpful in improving my general body conditioning. She is not just a trainer, but a friend who cares about your health, mind and body. Regardless of the fitness level, Laurel tailors the workout for each participant and inspires everyone to challenge themselves. The work outs are designed creatively to prevent a plateau. She is extremely helpful with nutrition information and very much aware of challenges faced in eating right and working out. I would recommend Laurel as a trainer to anyone who wants to live a healthier life.
On Jan 07, 2014
Incredible workouts, addictive variety. Laurel is also the most wonderful, reliable person in the industry. I can't do without morning bootcamp. Been coming to her for 6 years. Most of the folks are long timers, which shows her value and worth to us.

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