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Cassaundra Grimm
On Oct 31, 2014
Working out with Paula has been difficult, but well, well worth it. Due to being in a car accident, I was told by doctors and physical therapists that I would probably not be able to run ever again for the remainder of my life and thanks to Paula's expert guidance and support I am currently able to run 1.5 miles in about 14 minutes. She is a blessing and I recommend her to anyone and everyone; whatever your fitness goals are, Paula will help you achieve them through a combination of challenging workouts and positive encouragement.
Vicki Harrell
On Oct 29, 2014
Paula is awesome! I have been training with Paula for about a year. Exercise have never been a part of my life. Over the years I was steadily gaining weight and losing my mobility. Paula has exceeded my exceptations with her personal training program tailored to my specific needs. I have seen more improvement than I thought was possible with my weight loss and increased mobility. For the first time in my life I enjoy exercising and visit the fitness center almost everyday! Paula encouragement and great training knowlege has changed my life! I highly recommend Paula. Thank-you Paula for challenging me.
Victoria Alexander
On Oct 14, 2014
Paula's no nonsense workouts have been great....Just a short 3 months ago I began working out with Paula, just twice a week and my results are amazing. Paula is consistent, she has a sharp eye for proper positioning while on the mats, free weights and the machines, I am thankful for her wisdom and thorough knowledge she has as a trainer. I would recommend Paula to all ! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victoria Alexander
Ursula Dubrick
On Aug 15, 2013
Paula is an amazing personal trainer. She works with you to help you attain the goals you set out to achieve, whether it is weight loss or toning up your muscles. Paula puts together a program customized to fit YOU. I have worked with Paula on several occasions, and each time I was able to achieve the level of fitness that I wanted with her help and guidance. She accepts no excuses, and expects you to stick to the fitness routine she has designed; although she is always willing to make adjustments so that the work out sessions are never boring. Paula motivates you to be better than average, to excel, and to be proud of your achievements. I highly recommend, Paula as a personal trainer if you are serious about meeting your goals and achieving an awesome level of fitness.
Liz Swindall
On Oct 18, 2012
Paula is the!!!! Had it not been for Paula I would not have been able to fit into my very expensive wedding gown. Paula will kick your butt but in a really good way. She tailors an exercise program mixing cardio and weight training so you can accomplish your fitness goals. I owe her a lot because I look back at my wedding photos and I love the way my body looks!!! Thank you Paula!!! I wish you were still in Birmingham!!!! Miss you!!!
Liz Swindall
Robin Gart
On Oct 15, 2012
I met Paula Mckie several months ago and not only did I find an awesome trainer but a good friend. I have been going through some personal issues over the last several years and had gained a lot of weight. I was very unhappy with how I felt and how I looked. I decided that if things were going to change, I needed to put myself first. I lost weight and started working out with Paula and I am happy to say that I have never felt better! Knowing that Paula really cares about me makes a big difference in how I look at exercise. She reminds me that I have to do it for myself. Working out with Paula is not easy, but that's a good thing. She is very knowledgable and she challenges me in every session. Sometimes I'm amazed by what I can do. I really try not to say, "I can't" because she knows what I am capable of and when something looks like it's too difficult, she comes up with an alternative that works for me. I would have never thought that exercise could be fun, but Paula and I laugh, we talk and she makes me want to keep coming back. I am so pleased with my results and have her to thank for all the tools she has given me. I'm never bored with the same old routines because Paula always mixes it up to keep it fun and rewarding. If you're looking for a trainer who will take a real interest in you and also "kick your butt", then Paula's the girl for you. And if you're lucky, you just might find a friend along the way. Give her a call, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!
Paula's Response on Oct 15, 2012:
Robin you have done a fantastic job!!! Keep it up for life. Thank you!! I have thoroughly enjoyed kicking your butt :)
Maria Esposito
On Oct 14, 2012
Paula came into my life at the right time and right place. I have been on a personal battle with my weight for years due to an injury and found it very difficult to lose the weight. I took up excersizing and using equipment at the gym till I decided to hire Paula to help me out. I never expected that I would see the results I have. She helped me exceed my limits and kept pushing me to go forward and do more and I did. I lost many inches and toned my body with her workouts. I love that she always keeps it different and always making you want to come back to see what is next. She has given me the tools to do things on my own and I can geniunly say that I have learned from her. I recommend Paula to people with high goals or even those that just need a boost. She will get you there! Thanks Paula for all you have done for me. You have given me stregnth in many aspects of my life both in and out of the gym.
Paula's Response on Oct 15, 2012:
Thank you Maria!! You are a strong willed Lady you can achieve anything that you set your mind to!!! Never give up always and work hard......
Adria Foerster
On Oct 11, 2012
I met Paula probably 8 years ago and have addicted to her since then. I am proud to say she is not only my personal trainer but also my friend. Although we consider us friends she does not take it easy on me, she is extremely knowledgeable and keeps it's current with the last fitness exercise. She is easy to talk to, and extremely passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

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