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  • by User on Jan 07, 2012

    Teresa was my first instructor back when I joined over 15 years ago. I have always enjoyed her classes and have now started to do strength Senior stretch class and can now get on the floor and get up again.
    I recommend to any Senior that needs beginning exercise to come to her classes and be surprised at the way you feel after just a few lessons.
    I will always rate Thersa as one of the best instructor's at the DAC.

  • by Pamela Perryman on Jan 05, 2012

    Teresa has been my water arobics instructor for a number of years. She is creative, selects great music and my time in her class just flies. She works all parts of our bodies but she never overworks any one part, so you are not sore the next day. She is creative about her stretching moves. She also offeres alternative moves for people who might not be able to do the more difficult moves she introduces.

    I love that her classes are so creative and she is aware of the newest
    studies on exercise physicology. She is the best instructor I have ever had.