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  • by Sarah Huck on Mar 11, 2013

    I have been training with Colleen for 2 years. I feel my workouts when I train with her. She does a great job customizing my workouts. I do both group and solo training at her gym. I would recommend her to anyone interested in getting fit.

  • by Evelyn Ortega on Mar 07, 2013

    I absolutely love training with Colleen! I had a spinal fusion in my low back nearly 12 years ago. My degenerative disc disease was increasing and my chiropractor suggested I begin working out with a trainer. I began working with Colleen 4 years ago, but I wasn't sure how well I would do physically. Colleen customized my workouts taking this problem into mind and each workout session is catered to my specific needs. Over the years, Colleen has also become a very great friend, which also makes it easier to workout. Thank you Colleen for your positive encouragement. Little Gym on the Prairie is a wonderful environment to workout in.

  • by John Michaud on Feb 22, 2013

    Colleen is an amazing trainer, she spends the time and energy necessary to learn about each person who steps into her gym. Getting to know each person she trains lets her tailor the workouts to each person individual needs and restrictions. Her Gym is always inviting and clean. Her 'tips of the day' are a great added touch to help you adjust to a more healthy lifestyle.

  • by Kathy Carbonneau on Feb 16, 2013

    I love training with Colleen! After working with 3 other trainers I found Colleen. She works hard to customize my workouts just for me, and does modifications, for me, when in group training. She addresses physical and nutritional needs and is a GREAT cheerleader, encourager, positive, and upbeat. Stays abreast of the latest training techniques and brings them into the gym, always looking for the best ways to train her clients with their goals priority. I highly recommend Colleen, and am very happy with my 2+ years with her at The little Gym on the Prairie.

    Response by Colleen Walsh on Feb 16, 2013

    I love Kathy and I love training Kathy!! I have clients that workout because they love it and then I have clients that workout because they know they need to but if God gave them perfect health they wouldn't go anywhere near a TRX or VIPR - they would be quilting and crafting instead. What I love about Kathy is she shows up and works her patootie off and keeps coming back even though it's painful and well lets say not her most favorite thing to do. Thank you Kathy you are an inspiration to me and all those around you!