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Megan Dauphinais
On Sep 08, 2014
Hi my names megan Dauphinais. Im looking for a trainer that will help me get in shape, I leave for basic training for the army January 20th and id like to be be in top shape when I go. I need help on my running also with weight lifting pretty much everything. I want to be strong and I want to feel good. I need help doing sit ups to im so used to crunches regular sit ups are hard. Im fine with push ups but id like to be pushed more so I can do more than 10. I want to try to get a good 2 mile time, I want to be able to get 40-60 push ups in 2 mins, and atleast 60-100 sit ups in 2 mins. I used to train myself and I could do 100 sit ups and pushups in 2 mins but I slacked. I work 5 days a week so either mornings or nights around 6 ish would work. Im free weekends so Hopefully you would want to work with me and work something out. My email is if youd like to contact me. Also id like if we could discuss price. Id like to hear from you soon. Thank you

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