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san babu
On Jan 27, 2014
Jean Spratt
On Dec 21, 2010
I’ve known Karin for 14 years and been her client all that time. Karin is an exceptional lady – knowledgeable, skillful, encouraging, inspiring. She continually challenges herself through frequent and regular continuing education, as well as seeking high levels of training in current and emerging techniques and concepts. Most recently, she has just completed advanced training in MELT, and her work with me in this area has helped tremendously. I highly recommend Karin as a personal trainer. Regardless of your personal goal - physical conditioning, help with aches and pains, increased core strength, enhanced flexibility - Karin can develop an approach that will help you be stronger and feel better, in a positive and caring atmosphere. Try one of her MELT classes!
Lynda Lowry
On Dec 05, 2010
When I met Karin, I was suffering from bouts of severe pain and weakness from injuries to the cervical and lumbar regions of my spine. Through Karin's skillful approach to correcting my muscle weakness and eliminating my pain, I am a MUCH happier and active person. In fact, I can out-kayak my husband in most instances, and have improved my endurance in other sports such as down-hill skiing. After Karin introduced me to MELT, I started to notice that my constant neck and shoulder pain was disappearing. Continuing to use a combination of techniques with MELT, the pain is non-existant. That, to me, is nothing short of a miracle. I highly recommend Karin as a personal trainer, and would suggest attending one of her classes if possible. Just check her website for dates, locations and times. You'll be ever so glad that you did!
Sharon Glazener
On Aug 25, 2010
I have been a client of Karin's for over 10 years and believe her to be one of the best in her field of expertise. She keeps up with the latest knowlege and techniques for not only good physical conditioning but ways to improve your mental health and mood. I have also found that she has extensive knowlege of ways to cure my minor aches and pains.

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