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Philip Barbe
On Dec 13, 2013
I worked with Ashley a few years ago at UC. She was incredibly knowledgable and extremely fun to be around. I would recommend Ashley as a trainer for any of my good friends/family... Thanks Ash for the help and support!
Kelley Wainscott
On Oct 15, 2013
Ashley is a Board Member for Women Fitness Association and colleague in the Personal Training field. Our paths first crossed when I started my career working toward becoming a Personal Trainer. Ashley was, and is, a terrific source of knowledge with many years of solid experience. In addition to being a Personal Trainer for the YMCA, I also have my Masters Degree in Communication and teach communication classes at the college level----Ashley is a great communicator. I am sure our paths will continue to cross as we pursue our field of personal training and helping others meet their goals which is a passion we share!
Monica Schneider
On Mar 03, 2012
Ashley has helped me so much. She's a creative and tough personal trainer. She's always willing to answer questions and provide advice.She is the first person I thought of to ask questions about training during pregnancy and post-pregnancy because I trust her judgment and knowledge.
Kurt Sassmannshaus
On Mar 02, 2012
Very organized,consistent, knows how to adjust to individual needs, and does it all with a smile. The workouts are fun and very effective. Incredible administrator as well, perfect at multitasking and running a very large facility. Highly recommended!
Kimberly Beck
On Dec 31, 2011
Ashley is incredible! I have a strong personality and frankly, I can be difficult to motivate. She created a fitness program for me long ago and believe it or not, I am still sticking to it. I sit at a desk eight to ten hours a day, but I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks, Ashley!
Lee Person
On Aug 16, 2010
I've worked with Ashley for about five years. She designs amazing workouts--never the same one twice--and pays special attention to proper form. She does a great job of diagnosing weaknesses and getting me to work on them.
Pamela Person
On Aug 13, 2010
Ashley is fun to work with and patient wih a mid-life but still novice fitness exerciser like me. I'm in much better overall shape; she was also able to help me overcome a problem shoulder. Ashley's terrific!
Daniel Milz
On Aug 13, 2010
Worked with Ashley for over a year. Excellent client/trainer rapport. Monitoring, tips, suggestions, encouragement were all very much appreciated. Demonstrated all machines and equipment that met my specific/focused needs. I recommend her highly!
Ashley's Response on Mar 03, 2012:
Thanks so much Monica for your vote of confidence in me! I am so happy to know that I may have helped "behind the scenes" as you prepared for and now build back up from your pregnancy! Your little boy is just perfect and so lucky to have a mom like you as a role model! You know how to reach me if I can be of any further assistance! And let me know when I can get you in my gym again-you'd love the new ViPRs we have!!
Ashley's Response on Mar 03, 2012:
Thank you Kurt for your thoughtful review! Hard not to smile when I got to hear such amazing stories about your work and family-you all have so much to be proud of! I hope all is well with you and the family and that I keep seeing you in the gym! You are a delight to work with, and a person everyone can learn something from!

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