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Philip Barbe
On Dec 13, 2013
I worked with Ashley a few years ago at UC. She was incredibly knowledgable and extremely fun to be around. I would recommend Ashley as a trainer for any of my good friends/family... Thanks Ash for the help and support!
Kelley Wainscott
On Oct 15, 2013
Ashley is a Board Member for Women Fitness Association and colleague in the Personal Training field. Our paths first crossed when I started my career working toward becoming a Personal Trainer. Ashley was, and is, a terrific source of knowledge with many years of solid experience. In addition to being a Personal Trainer for the YMCA, I also have my Masters Degree in Communication and teach communication classes at the college level----Ashley is a great communicator. I am sure our paths will continue to cross as we pursue our field of personal training and helping others meet their goals which is a passion we share!
Monica Schneider
On Mar 03, 2012
Ashley has helped me so much. She's a creative and tough personal trainer. She's always willing to answer questions and provide advice.She is the first person I thought of to ask questions about training during pregnancy and post-pregnancy because I trust her judgment and knowledge.
Ashley's Response on Mar 03, 2012:
Thanks so much Monica for your vote of confidence in me! I am so happy to know that I may have helped "behind the scenes" as you prepared for and now build back up from your pregnancy! Your little boy is just perfect and so lucky to have a mom like you as a role model! You know how to reach me if I can be of any further assistance! And let me know when I can get you in my gym again-you'd love the new ViPRs we have!!
Kurt Sassmannshaus
On Mar 02, 2012
Very organized,consistent, knows how to adjust to individual needs, and does it all with a smile. The workouts are fun and very effective. Incredible administrator as well, perfect at multitasking and running a very large facility. Highly recommended!
Ashley's Response on Mar 03, 2012:
Thank you Kurt for your thoughtful review! Hard not to smile when I got to hear such amazing stories about your work and family-you all have so much to be proud of! I hope all is well with you and the family and that I keep seeing you in the gym! You are a delight to work with, and a person everyone can learn something from!
Kimberly Beck
On Dec 31, 2011
Ashley is incredible! I have a strong personality and frankly, I can be difficult to motivate. She created a fitness program for me long ago and believe it or not, I am still sticking to it. I sit at a desk eight to ten hours a day, but I am in the best shape of my life. Thanks, Ashley!
Ashley's Response on Jan 01, 2012:
Glad to hear you are getting so much out of your program! Your strong personality serves you well in life, as well as in fitness, as you are able to listen to your body and speak up for what you want which not all people have the courage to do! Can't wait to see you tackle your goals in the new year!
Lee Person
On Aug 16, 2010
I've worked with Ashley for about five years. She designs amazing workouts--never the same one twice--and pays special attention to proper form. She does a great job of diagnosing weaknesses and getting me to work on them.
Ashley's Response on Sep 10, 2010:
Lee-You've worked so hard over the years and made such great progress! It has truly been a pleasure working with you!!

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