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Bryce Taylor
On Aug 31, 2011
If there was an award in the fitness industry for "Best Person", it would be awarded to Nicki. It is remarkable that along with this warm and compassionate person is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I would send my own family members to Nicki for personal training or even a consultation if they lived 2,000 miles closer.
Diane Mayr
On Jan 10, 2011
Nicki Anderson is the most positive person I know. To say that she is passionate about healthy eating & body fitness would be an understatement. I came to Nicki in 2010 & issued a challenge--inspire me to lose my unhealthy habits, lose weight & get fit. I was convinced that I couldn't do it after years of trying. I contacted Nicki because I knew if anyone could help me, it would be her. Because of her true devotion to her clients and fitness, my goal is in sight and I couldn't have done it without Nicki. My "I can't" has become an "I can" at Reality Fitness.
Michael Hammond
On Nov 05, 2010
I have been a client of Nicki Anderson for 8 years. She has made a great impact on my way of life since I walked into her studio. Her real approach to fitness, and caring about her clients is what sets her apart from others in the fitness business. The passion she has towards being healthy is evident the moment you meet her. I would highly recommend Nicki if you want to be fit, look good, be healthy, and have fun doing it.
nancy ariola
On Oct 25, 2010
Nicki has a dynamic enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition & keeping healthy. She conveys that to her clients & therefore we try harder. I enjoy being in her classes because they're always different & challenging. She knows my strengths & limitations so she will modify the exercise for me. I'm usually the "senior" in the class & she's always encouraging me & never makes me feel that I can't keep up with the class. I've been a client of Reality Fitness for many years & hope to continue for many more!!
Ann Cmiel
On Oct 23, 2010
Nicki is a dedicated fitness trainer and wellness professional who consistently demonstrates her knowledge and positive outlook by focusing on the individual needs of her clients. I've worked with Nicki at Reality Fitness since the beginning of 2010 and I couldn't be more pleased. She has helped me to build strength, self confidence and motivation to keep it going. Nicki has made customer service the foundation of her work and I would recommend Nicki to any and all that are looking to improve their overall health and well being!
Debbie Edwards
On Oct 13, 2010
Nicki is a delightful personal trainer who inspires me to work harder than I think I can. She is mindful of my time and not a minute is wasted. Nicki is very creative in making my sessions different each time yet still making it a challenge for me. Her upbeat personality and positive encouragement make my workouts fun. I have trained with Nicki for many years and am very happy that I am a Reality Fitness client.
Deb Collander
On Oct 13, 2010
I have been a client of Nicki's for more than 3 years. She is excellent as a trainer/instructor in fitness. She is always concerned about doing the exercises correctly so no injuries occur and wants to make sure that we work to our best effort. She always looks for feedback from her clients as to the level of difficulty she has us do, and showing us modifications to allow us to do the exercises so we get the maximum benefit, and do not hurt ourselves. Plus, she makes classes FUN!

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