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Odette Willis
On Oct 09, 2013
Only select this trainer if:

1. you like/love to laugh because you will do a lot of it while you are working out.

2. if you like/love to learn new ways to work out because LaRue constantly thinks of wonderful new ways to keep things interesting so you don't get bored.

3. you like a challenge because just when you think you have mastered an exercise, LaRue changes it or adds more (I think he makes up new things in his sleep).

4. you want someone who truly tailors your fitness program to meet your unique needs, wants and accomplishments.

I am so happy I found LaRue to help me reach my fitness goals. It's because of him I am happier and healthier these days. I most strongly recommend him to anyone who to achieve his/her goals the right way.
nathan leslie
On Oct 09, 2013
LaRue is the best: friendly, engaging and very knowledgeable about fitness and training. He will push you and utilize routines and strategies to work with your goals (plus find some that you didn't even know existed). Highly, highly recommended.
Tracey Price
On Oct 09, 2013
I have known LaRue for many yrs. He all about fitness. He it sleeps and drinks it! A double meaning; Fitness is an entire pkg. Its a well being of your daily life. Its not just doing laps or sprints or a one hour workout. He motivates you to think about a life style that you use all day long. Its a kind of fever. His positive energy radiates to everyone around him.
Angela M
On Aug 27, 2011
I have been obese my entire life, and was over 100+ overweight when I began working with LaRue. I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. I had always believed that a professional trainer was more interested in working with professional athletes than overweight women. Plus, I had seen personal trainers at work in local gyms, and they just seemed robotic and cookie cutter in their approach. I was very fortunate to find LaRue. He was very respectful and made me feel very comfortable, which was greatly appreciated as I was already extremely self-conscious about my body. He carefully evaluated my fitness level and created a program that considered both my capabilities and limitations. The routines and programs he developed for me changed many times over the course of our partnership, as I steadily improved my fitness level and lost 92 pounds. Best of all, I had a lot of fun in the process, as LaRue has a natural ability to relate to people of all ages and walks of life; loves helping others to achieve their goals; and has an infectious positive energy that makes you WANT to succeed. Stop reading the reviews and give him a call!

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