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Brittanie Cooper
On Jan 24, 2014
Brian Tully is nothing short of amazing. I worked with Brian for a year. It simply cannot be put into words how great the knowledge and skill-set Brian possesses is. He exudes fitness in every facet of his being. It is so hard to find individuals that are passionate AND gifted at what they do, along with the personable skills to the point where you feel completely comfortable leaving your health, and for all intents and purposes your “life”, in their hands. In the short time that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brian, he has been just that and more! He’s a careful, patient teacher, listener, and all-around enjoyable person to be around.

I often times made comments stating that Brian should take his level of expertise to the next level, and work with professional athletes because he has more than what it takes. And, although it was said in passing conversation, I meant every word. He is not someone who will boast or brag of himself, but simply wants to make a difference in someone’s life. And, that’s a true diamond in the ruff…a rare jewel that seems to be extinct in this world.

Change, especially physical change, can be a very scary thing. But, Brian is fully capable of helping you realize that although the road to a better YOU may be turbulent, it’s not impossible. In fact, he makes what seems to be the impossible, possible!
Brian's Response on Jan 24, 2014:
Brittanie...thank you so much for the great, heart felt comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to share. It was a pleasure to work with you as well! Please keep me posted on your upcoming will do awesome!
Allison Rosenfeld
On Jun 21, 2013
Whenever I have a workout with Brian, I always feel so confident in his decisions. He is concerned by being aware of any specific parts of the body that can't be used in a certain way, due to injury or just pain, and will avoid using it. He is careful and will substitute it to make sure that the muscle or muscles are still used, by doing a different exercise to not cause any further pain or discomfort. He is very innovative in that way to always think on his feet to customize a creative workout to accommodate each individual's needs. He will remember this which shows he cares about his clients. He is the consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable. He shares tips and doesn't just train, but also teaches me what the benefit of the exercise will do for the specific muscle being worked. I can really tell that he exudes passion for what he does in this manner! Brian is also attentive by making sure when teaching me an exercise routine, he will do it first, then watch me to make sure that it is being done correctly using the correct form. He has such an easy-going personality too, which always lightens up a workout. I would highly recommend Brian to be a personal trainer to anyone! It is an honor to workout with him!
Brian's Response on Jun 21, 2013:
Allison...thank you so much for the kind words! It really is a pleasure to work with you. Your dedication and commitment is impressive...even when you do have something holding you back. It is a great team effort to keep you moving and getting a great workout each and every time! Keep up the awesome work!
Steph Klecha
On May 19, 2013
I don't know what I would do without Brian and Tara and Better Together Fitness! They are always eager to help whenever I have one of my many questions about reaching my fitness goals, and it seems like they always know the right answer.. Always understanding, never judgmental and they make me believe that I actually can do this! Thanks guys!! :)
Brian's Response on Jun 21, 2013:
It is our pleasure to be there for you! Believing in yourself is a huge step in reaching your goal...any goal is reachable if you believe it to be so! We are happy to hear we have helped you do just that!
Marisol Poulin
On Apr 11, 2013
Brian Tully is THE BEST TRAINER EVER!!! He is very Professional, Knowledgeable, and patient.Brian has helped me lose 12.5 lbs and is getting me in the best shape of my life which has also given me confidence and boosted my self esteem.Thanks to Brians guidance and personalized workouts my limitations on physical activities due to my asthma are gone.I have enjoyed fun things like bike riding, tennis, sking, and even rock climbing, it's been great.
Thank you Brian for all your help, I look forward to do much more.
Marisol Poulin.
Brian's Response on Apr 12, 2013:
Thank you for such a great comment Marisol! I truly am so proud of all that you have accomplished so far! And it has been amazing to see your confidence grow with each week as your new levels of fitness allow you to experience so much more of life. I am looking forward to all your great accomplishments still to come.
carla warner
On Apr 04, 2013
Brian is an excellent trainer! I came to him with my fitness goals and he gave me extensive information to help me on my journey. He teaches me in detail about my body and gives me excellent nutrition tips. His attention to my personal needs is definitely appreicated and he is my trusted advisor when it comes to fitness. Thanks for all that you do !
Brian's Response on Apr 04, 2013:
Thanks Carla! I am happy to be your trusted go to fitness person on your journey. I am looking forward to seeing your amazing transformation come full have already come so far!

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