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Ruhama Muskin
On Feb 05, 2014
I really enjoy exercising with Susan. She has the ability to be easygoing on the one hand while creating a balanced and serious workout for each person in the class. She encourages everyone to challenge themselves while watching out for their specific weaknesses and their form. It is evident that she takes her students seriously by preparing for each lesson with new ideas and varied equipment, in turn her students perform to their best ability while having a great time together.
Ruhama Muskin
Janet Fuchs
On Oct 15, 2012
Sue is a great trainer. She pushes you to do better without barking orders at you. She is always learning new moves from conferences so the workout never gets boring. She is also a pleasant person to be around, so the workouts fly by.
Batsheva Kasdan
On Aug 01, 2012
After not working out at all for about 15 years (bad girl, I know) I was unsure about my ability, but Susan totally adjusted the workout to my level while still keeping it challenging. I love how she switches up the workouts to keep things interesting, and really pays attention to each person's form. I always leave class inspired and can feel a measurable increase in strength and stamina since I started.
Batsheva Kasdan
Mina Rush
On Jul 25, 2012
Susan killed me... In a good way! I really believed I was in good shape. After all, I was exercising 4 - 5 times a week. I didn't realize how little I was doing for myself until I took my first semi-private lesson. Even though the other woman in the class had been working with Susan for quite a while, my work-out was adjusted in a way that challenged me without slowing my more experienced partner down. Yes it's tough but it's better to work hard and achieve something than to just go through the motions and not progress at all.
julie fax
On Jul 25, 2012
I was an exerciser before I started working out with Sue, but after three years of training with Sue in a semi-private setting, I'm in better shape than I've ever been, both in terms of strength and stamina. Sue is an attentive and clear teacher who tailors each class to my specific needs, gently pushing me hard enough to really strive for the next level, but without the yelling-in-your-face approach some trainers use. She is always trying new and different routines that maximize the effect of the workout, and pays close attention to my form -- and has taught me to do that on my own. I go to Sue's class once a week, but have carried over what I have learned from her to up the level of my exercise the rest of the week. I highly recommend Sue as a trainer.
Julie Fax
Adaire Klein
On Jul 24, 2012
I have been training with Susan for over 2 years and am very pleased. She comes prepared to every session with programs geared to me - my neads with consideration for my limitations. In addition we have pleasant conversations about a variety of subjects. As I look back to when I started, I realize how much progress I have made. In this way I look forward and am able to aspire further. Thank you for this opportunity. From: Adaire Klein

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