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Teri T
On May 29, 2014
I am so happy I met Dianne!
I first met with her a few weeks ago and she did a thorough evaluation of my needs. She has set up many different exercises for me to help with my hip and neck stiffness as well as balance and core. She is very supportive and caring and is such a wonderful person to work with. She has set me up with " homework " as well. Her one on one attention has been a blessing as in group classes you can sometimes injure yourself more with incorrect form...
Bravo, Dianne!!! You are the best!
Teri N.
Lora Tucci
On Feb 16, 2014
My training sessions with Dianne have been really great. She uses a wide variety of exercises so it never feels routine. Dianne challenges you without making you feel overwhelmed. She always stays conscious of how you respond to all the exercises and will modify/increase the difficulty based on your fitness level. After just a few sessions, I could already start to see results. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer!
Aline Pobiner
On Aug 20, 2013
I have been training with Dianne for about two years now. She is always changing things up which is great to avoid boring workouts. She always has a routine that's beneficial to my personal needs. My favorite now is the TRX! So many different exercises to choose from and Dianne always knows which one is best! I highly recommend Dianne as a personal trainer!
Kara Maguire
On Apr 15, 2013
I have been training with Dianne now for almost a year. At the start of the year I was preparing for my wedding day. Dianne made a point to ask about my dress and particular things we should work on for the dress shape. She is always enthusiastic and motivational! The hour is fun and engaging and always flies by. My friend recently started coming with me for group sessions. Dianne always creates fun excersises we can do together. I would definetly recommend Dianne for training sessions!
Kristen Barnett
On Apr 14, 2013
I have been training with Dianne for over 2 months now. She has motivated me through her love and enthusiasm for exercise. Since I began training with Dianne I have seen my strength and endurance level significantly improve. During each session Dianne uses both cardio and strength training exercises that focus on all areas of the body and are individualized to my strength level. She makes each session fun and challenging by consistently changing the exercises and equipment used. I highly recommend Dianne as a personal trainer!
Laura Aiello
On Apr 09, 2013
I have been in training with Dianne for over a year now. Her enthusiasm for exercise is contagious. She is a great motivator and mixes up the exercises to target different areas of the body. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer. My strength and endurance has increased tremendously which I owe to the cross training using various pieces of equipment. I have particularly enjoyed the TRX. Each session is individualized.
Ann Marie Alletto
On Apr 04, 2013
Dianne has been training me over 10 Years! She is an excellent personal trainer, who always makes it the workout challenging at all levels. She is able to continuously push you to excel at your workout and to achieve results! She always stays on top of the new advances in workout equipment as well as new ways to improve your workout through different excercise approaches, such as TRX, Pilates, Cardio drills, while incorporating some yoga, and never to forget stretching.. She works with all levels from Beginner to Advance. I would recommend as a personal trainer to help you develop and learn your exercise plan to achieve your fittness goals!
Cathi Cavanaugh
On Apr 04, 2013
Working with Dianne for over 4 years, three times a week! She has worked with various physical therapy issues and also when I've been in prime shape. Her routine varies and is always interesting and she will focus on different areas at each session. Dianne is thoughtful of my abilities at different stages and always makes certain that I am able to handle challenges appropriately. Having worked with other trainers through the years, I highly recommend Dianne for her ability to help me understand what I am doing and how it should feel.
Barbara Weinschel
On Mar 29, 2013
Try training with the TRX with Dianne. I broke my foot and tore up a knee before starting training and can exercise on the TRX without pain or stress on the joints. Dianne creates a cardio and strength training workout that is awesome.
Barbara Weinschel
On Mar 28, 2013
Barbara W.
I am 67 year old who has been working with Dianne for 2 years. She is terrific! We use a variety of equipment and vary routines so workouts are fun and never boring.
I have osteoarthritis and a history of orthopedic injuries. If I am reluctant to do a particular exercise because of these conditions, Dianne modifies the exercise and/or equipment so that I can successfully and comfortably continue training and progress.
I highly recommend Dianne as a personal trainer!

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