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Linda Toomey
On Aug 03, 2013
I appreciate life, in life we pass by people might give a glance with a smile or a hello in passing.

But what I really like and appreciate when someone is put into our lives by chance or circumstances. I went looking for someone to "help" me get started on my journey and what I have found is a "friend"...have we met, have we talked on the phone...both answers are NO!!! But she has given me advice, she's helping me turn my way of thinking around and she is someone tha has a passion to helping others out...Patty Hartong thank you for responding to my message, I am learning...guess you can say I am work in progress but Patty is cheering me on!!! Thank you again Patty for everything!!! Linda Toomey
Robert Perry
On Sep 11, 2010
I have worked with Patty as a personal trainer and also taken her classes. She is very knowledgeable about fitness, exercise, and diet. Patty is very passionate about her work and truly cares about the success of the people she works with. She can be tough, encouraging, and supportive all at the right time. She will change the routine or add exercises to make sure you are reaching your goal. Patty is truly one of the best at what she does!

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