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Chantel Collins
On Sep 22, 2013
I was very fortunate to have Pauline, a dynamic and energetic woman, as my certified personal trainer for 5 months, two times a week, after having a knee replacement. I needed to gain confidence and strength in my knee and increase my core strength while training to walk again. She was very imaginative, methodical, and passionate, in coming up with exercises and using equipment that would initiate being in flight as I am a flight attendant. Every session was a surprise to see what unique training she developed for my personal needs and requirements. Her smiles, gentle praises, and mixture of vision and hope never wavered. Her caring character and support was shown again after calling and emailing me just to check in on my health and needs. Pauline, you are extremely influential in enabling me to return to a profession I love. I appreciate your coaching and friendship. Thank you.

Chantel Collins,
United International Flight Attendant 27 years
Gale Tayor
On Feb 06, 2013
The first time I worked out with Pauline I was impressed by her ability to push me to my limit but not over it. She is patient and careful to gently correct me when my technique is off. I am stronger than I have been in many years and her own personal dedication to staying in top shape along with her great sense of humor help me stay motivated. She is a great instructor and I am never bored in her classes as she mixes up several routines and always provides alternatives when an exercise is beyond my skill level which keeps me from being discouraged which in turn keeps me interested in returning to the gym. She has a wonderful way of making the work out fun but challenging. I love my time in her classes and recommend her to everyone I know.

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