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Erin Kerby
On Dec 03, 2013
A while ago I was suffering from shoulder and arm pain to the point where I was not able to continue with my daily activities and as a mom to 2 young children this was not working for me! I had gone to the chiropractor for years, I had tried massage therapy, nothing helped or solved my pain issues. Then I saw a blog post by my cousin Deb and decided to email her and see if this "egoscue" could help me. Deb set up a menu for me and I finally began feeling relief, and relief not just from my arm pain but my lower back and hip pain also. Deb has been such a wonderful support and source of knowledge for me. I live at quite a distance so I am not able to have an in person appointment but through email and Skype I am saying good bye to my pain. Deb's dedication to me over such a distance has been such a blessing.
Matt Anderson
On Oct 15, 2013
Deb has been fantastic to work with. I started working with her as my postural alignment specialist a little over a month ago and at the time could barely do anything. Deb has been great at finding ways to challenge me while working within my limitations and I have seen tremendous progress in a short time under her tutelage. She is positive, encouraging, and creative in finding the best ways to help her clients succeed. I have a tremendous amount of experience in the fitness field and have never met anyone with as extensive of knowledge of body mechanics and the human body as Deb. I would recommend her to anyone as a trainer/specialist.

Matt Anderson
Carissa Dahlen
On Oct 14, 2013
I've worked with Deb a few times since back surgery and I wish I would've listened to the small voice in my head telling me to see her BEFORE surgery. I truly believe that had I done that, surgery would not have been necessary. But as it is, she has helped me understand what brought about my injury and I make sure to do a menu everyday to work on my alignment to prevent future injury. I've had some minor aches and pains but Deb has been able to give me new menus to nip the problem in the bud. She's a wonderful teacher and a great listener! I'm so thankful that I finally decided to call her!
Donald Dulder
On Oct 14, 2013
Connecting with Deb a year ago was for me an answer to prayer. I had seen chiropractors,athletic therapists,massage therapists,doctors.The full gambit of professionals with very little improvement. My pain was a 7-9 out of 10. I did not know where to turn. I discovered Deb online.Since working with Deb my pain has dropped to a 3-4. I have played much better golf . Coached a National Championship volleyball team being able to enjoy the experience because of less pain.Previously I could barely make it through practices.But most important of all I am a better husband and Grandfather . I can do more house chores and can do more with my grandkids. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Deb is the ultimate professional. She has shown me that my body is out of alignment and I am now working on correcting the problem.Deb is absolutely the BEST. Her knowledge is off the charts and I am very fortunate to have her helping me.I rate her 5 stars.
Kristin Organ
On Oct 14, 2013
As a mother of a child who once was in severe pain, I would describe Deb Preachuk as a miracle worker. My daughter was diagnosed with Severs Disease and had acute foot pain on and off for a year which limited her passion for athletics. In the midst of frustrating trial and error doctor recommended exercise, taping, icing and pressure techniques that were leading nowhere, Deb was able to diagnose my daughter, position her from top to toes in correct alignment and I literally saw the pain melt from her face almost instantly. Through a series of appointments and exercise menus, my daughter has made significant gains in strength and is completely pain free.

As someone who grew up with a chiropractor and used natural medicine I was shocked to find out how little I really knew about proper posture alignment. The education that Deb has provided, along with the support and encouragement she freely gives has not only helped my girl, but has and will continue to influence the health of our whole family.

I have also been to Zumba class and may I just say Deb Preachuk is a completely 'off the chain' instructor - she is truly amazing.
Debra Whitfield
On Oct 13, 2013
I have worked with Deb in many capacities over the past several years and will say that she is a "wealth of information and knowledge." She has helped me in so many ways: 1) as my instructor in preparing me for my own certification for Pas 1 level, and I feel that her teaching method is what brought it all together for me... 2) as my mentor, helping me learn and prepare for my own business...3) as my therapist who helps me with my posture/fascia issues which not only leaves me feeling great, but also teaches me how to further help my clients...4) she has also become a good friend who I am very grateful to have. Her knowledge and combined therapies make such a huge difference in helping everyone to heal and take charge of their own health. She is awesome!
deborah davis
On Oct 10, 2013
Deb is one of the best "advisers" I have used. She was able to determine that my physical pain was caused by alignment issues, and enabled me to become pain free without surgery. Deb is educated and gifted to be able to see where work needs to be done and know the proper types of exercises that need to be done to correct the issues. My workouts with her always make me feel better upon leaving than I felt entering our session. With the use of Egoscue, Pilates and serveral other methods of exercise I feel Deb has helped me tremendously and definitely earned my high recommendation.
Deb's Response on Oct 14, 2013:
Deb - you are one of our greatest success stories! I'm so incredibly proud of you and all your hard work to overcome muscle imbalances and load joint dysfunctions. The fact that you were able to overcome a torn meniscus without surgery speaks volumes! Thank you for the opportunity to share what I love to teach and do with you! It's a privilege to have you as a dedicated client!
Ann Messerschmidt
On Oct 08, 2013
The best day of my week is the day I get to go see Deb at Pain Free Posture MN. Even when I'm having no issues (been seeing her weekly for over 2 years) I learn something new and useful I can do and always leave feeling balanced and strong. She has been a key person in my journey to not only seeking out how to live a life pain free, but also on how to take the steps to becoming a better person. If I am having an issue she has always been able to see what is going on and provide me with the corrective exercises to resolve it. In fact, all minor issues I've had since starting with Deb I've been able to have resolved in one session with her. She is THAT GOOD! I am so thankful for the random events that brought Deb into my life! Thanks for ALL you do Deb!
Deb's Response on Oct 10, 2013:
Ann - You have been a joy to work with! To have the opportunity to show you the difference between treating a symptom versus addressing the root cause of misalignments makes all the difference in the success of a program. Thank you for that opportunity. You worked hard to eliminate pain and are a true example of how you now work at preventing your body from future breakdowns. You are a true success story because of your willingness to learn and apply the work. I rate you 5 stars too!

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