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Courtney Cromartie
On Oct 30, 2011
Gretchen is such a great trainer! She really took the time to come up with workouts that would challenge me without overdoing it, and I've seen so much progress with little to no muscle soreness as a result of that. She truly knows what she's doing as a trainer and has been there to encourage me every step of the way.
Marshall Ackerman
On Aug 25, 2011
I have used Gretchen as my trainer for the past 3 years after completing an initial cardiac rehab program. She has been the best trainer I have ever had, always cognizant of my physical limitations and current health/injury concerns. I have also referred my patients to her with far more disabling problems than I have, and they too have appreciated working with her.

Marshall Ackerman, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Laurie Ohleger
On Jun 10, 2011
Fabulous Trainer!!!!!!!!!!!
Gretchen's Response on Oct 30, 2011:
Courtney, you've been a trooper and have really worked hard. Thank you for your kind words regarding your personal training experience with me. It is a blessing!
Gretchen's Response on Aug 26, 2011:
Thank you for those very kind words. It has been a joy over the past three years training you. See you soon
Gretchen's Response on Aug 16, 2011:
Thank you Lori! "Takes one to know one" in this case. I look forward to hearing about your training. Did you know that I'm a Schwinn Cycling instructor now? Thought of you...

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