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Kim Schutz
On Apr 05, 2013
I have had several trainers over the past 10 years. John is the very best when it comes to maximizing your workout time and achieving your results. I have had shoulder and back problems and John has helped strengthen those areas so I no longer need frequent trips to physical therapy or the chiropractor. He is excellent at correcting bad habits that we all form after years of gym classes. I'm sure that over the first six months of working with John, we didn't repeat the same exercise, ever. This took the monotony out of working out and he also keeps you moving during the workout so time goes very quickly even when you are actually working very hard. As an added bonus, he also is very knowledgeable about nutrition.
Amanda Sawyer
On Mar 04, 2013
I met John a fews years ago when he was working at Ballys. I worked out alot but wasnt seeing the results I was wanting. Im in my 30's and have 2 children so getting weight off wasnt as easy as it used to be. after working out with John I immediately saw results both mentally and physically! He's a great trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get in the best shape of their life! he makes working out fun and his workouts are tailored to meet your own personal needs. Without him I'd still be wasting hours in the gym and not getting results. His workouts are NOT easy!!! But hard workouts get results, and thats exactly what you'll get training with John!
Darla Ferriera
On Apr 23, 2012
I have worked with several different trainers in the past 10 years; I've seen the most change in my body, in the short 4 months I've been training with John. He's very knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and health. The workouts are very challenging and at points exhausting, but with his encouragement and support I feel great at the end of the session. John recognizes my abilities and limits and pushes me to get the best possible workout. He even manages to smile when I whining. I have and will continue to recommend John to anyone with training needs. Darla Ferriera
Michele Meisch
On Sep 27, 2011
John is a very dependable guy. It was really important for me to work with someone that would always be on time to our appts. He lives what he preaches. He's self disciplined and passionate about fitness. He's a lot of fun too. He has a dry personality that takes some getting used to so don't be put off by his initial macho demeanor. He's a truly good guy. You will thoroughly enjoy working out with him. I have seen wonderful results.
Theresa Moss Currier
On Sep 06, 2011
I have been working with John for a few months now and really enjoy working with him. I have some physical limitations due to an injury early in my life and John is sensitive to that, but pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone. I always feel that I get a total workout with him. His sense of humor and people skills keep it fun.

Theresa Moss Currier
Christina Campos
On Aug 29, 2011
Having John Arenas as my personal trainer has been the best and smartest investment I have done for my physical and emotional health. John has helped me lose over 50lbs to date!! John continues to work with me in customizing my exercising plan, setting goals, and implementing a nutrition plan that works for my lifestyle. John always makes himself available for questions regarding fitness and nutrition. John is great at motivating me and challenging me during every session with new and fun workouts. I have accomplished a total lifestyle transformation since training with John. I highly recommend John Arenas to anyone who is willing to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. - Christina Campos
leticia evans
On Aug 29, 2011
I have been training with John going on a year now and i love it! First and foremost i suffer from a lower back injury which because of the pain i cant sleep (insomia). I was taking a load of pain pills and sleeping pills just to get through the day. When i talked to him about my medical issues he began working with me to not only strengthen the muscles in my back but also help me to take the weight off and make me stronger. I am able to sleep through the night now because im not in so much pain anymore and i do not have to take as many pills as i did before. John is a great trainer. He provides not only weight loss but physical therapy exersices for me. He is always willing and open to helping me wether with questions on things i do not understand or when im not able to go in because of my lower back. He encourages me and keeps me on track. I would recommend John to anyone who wants to lose weight, get stronger or better!!!
Tori Flores
On Aug 28, 2011
I have been training with John a little over a month and have been very happy with my results and progress so far!! He is totally aware of my strengths and weaknesses and has really made a big impact on my life as a whole! I don't think if it weren't from the encouragement from him I might have given up already but we talk about alot of health problems and just everyday life that keeps me going! Also having him there just a text away if I have any question he is there! He helps make my workouts Fun and that really helps keeping me motivated!! All in all John knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone!!
Serena Underwood
On Aug 22, 2011
I have been a client of Johns' for a little over a year and despite the many health hurdles I have encountered throughout my training, he continues to motivate me to keep at it. When I first started my training I could barely deal with 15 minutes of cardio-based training but now it is much easier. I am up to an hour or more depending on the amount of time allotted to me. I am very pleased with my progress with John and the variety of exercises he supplies to keep my body guessing. Our personalities work well together, so if I do come in a bad mood, he will managed to get me to work it out very vigorously which usually by the time we're done; I am either laughing or crying but definitely better then before. He is an awesome trainer.
Bill Kerney
On Aug 19, 2011
Been with John for about two years now.

Excellent trainer for me - always has different exercises ready, and adapts the workouts to my present needs. If I'm going skiing, he'll work with me on quads for a couple months. When I injured my back, he implemented a lot of back strengthening stretches and exercises in every session.

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