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Michael Kelley
On Oct 12, 2011
When I first heard TJ talk about how he helps his clients, I was skeptical. being someone that is overweight and always has been, I was not thrilled to get started.

But I'm so glad I did - TJ's approach challenges you to step outside your comfort zone and to trust your body. He worked very closely with me from the first day we met, listening to what my goals were and explaining and detail on how we would get there.

He pushes you without yelling, he motivates with ease and he gets you to trust your body and get through the 3rd set (it's all mental)
The results do not come overnight, but even though tired after every work out, you do truly feel better about yourself. When I've had setbacks, he's found other ways/routines to get to the same goal.

Regardless along the way, he is a true professional, knows what he is doing and pushes/motivates you to follow through and finish.

Each session something is different - he never stops challenging me and that is definitely what is giving me the results.

With his guidance, I eat better, weight has been dropped and maintained and feel better about myself overall.

I would highly recommend TJ to anyone that is serious about working out/getting in shape. If you want a companion, buy a dog. If you're serious about working out, getting in shape, then call TJ.

Mike K
Carpentersville, IL

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