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Camille Crain
On Oct 06, 2013
Working with Shelley has truly been life transforming. She has offered so mu1ch more than I originally expected out of a personal trainer. She has taken the time to learn my body, goals and challenges. At the base she has developed a training plan for me that pushes my limits, but at the same time keeps me feeling completely safe. On top of that she checks in with me throughout the week to see how I am doing. She has offered me advice to deal with dietary issues and provided me with encouragement every day. I truly feel that Shelley has my complete wellness in mind, and with her, I can achieve my goals!
Natascha Sahora-Smith
On Sep 24, 2013
Shelley is a kind but firm trainer. She will work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time with her and also give you TONS of ideas to take away and use on your own. I have total confidence in her as a trainer. If you want results that will change your body, and possibly your whole outlook on life, look no further than this wonderful addition to your fitness regimen.

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