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Traci Dominguez
On Sep 10, 2013
Mary Ann is an amazing trainer! I started training with her after ALC surgery to help with rehab and get back on track with my fitness goals. Monday is my favorite day of the week because I look forward to starting off the week with a good workout push with such an encouraging trainer!
She has helped me above and beyond where I thought I would be with all of her great motivation. Never thought I would EVER be able to do a pull up let alone now I can do 5 and continue to strive for more. She is hands down a 5 star trainer!
Mary Ann's Response on Sep 26, 2013:
Traci, I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to work with your after your ACL surgery. You are an amazing athlete and seeing you overcome your injury and "kick butt" was inspiring to me! You train like a beast :) and when I watch you bust out all those pull ups (and also see all the jaws drop in the gym :) I have to say I'm really PROUD! You are one of the hardest working clients I've ever had and I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the future.
Katie Mumm
On Sep 04, 2013
Mary Ann is a rock star!! I love her upbeat attitude, she is enthusiastic, focused and personable. I started working out with Mary Ann after a HORRIBLE wedding dress fitting. I needed results . I was so self conscious and worried but she was incredibly supportive. She kept the workouts upbeat and tailored to me. (I have had a few accidents and she worked me out without aggrevating my old injuries.) I lost ten pounds in 6 weeks thanks to our workouts and her help with my diet. She helped me achieve the lifestyle change I needed. I rocked my wedding dress!
Now I am doing crazy hard pushups and I think pull ups are in my future :)
My Tuesdays with Mary Ann are my FAVORITE!

Katie Mumm
Mary Ann's Response on Sep 26, 2013:
Katie, I feel so honored to have privilege of training you! You came to me because of an awful experience and yet, through your hard work, determination and drive you turned it around and accomplished your goal (and then some! :) I was so happy to watch you reach that goal and I love your continuing enthusiasm and constant willingness to work hard and try new things. You're always up for the next challenge!I love our Tuesday's too...and you still ARE my reigning Push Up Queen! :)
Jim H.
On Apr 11, 2013
Mary Ann,
Thank you for your gentle "nudging" ("shoving" me into reality is a more appropriate term) to make the changes I really needed to achieve what I wanted with my routine and diet. I know I was a pain in the butt and stubborn to change, but your patience paid off (and I benefited from it). I've never had a trainer that put so much energy into looking out for my well-being, and thanks to you, I'm in better shape in my 60s than I've ever been.
I promise I'll maintain this as my new lifestyle from now on, and can hardly wait to see what you'll have for me next. See you at the gym!

James H.
Mary Ann's Response on Apr 18, 2013:
Jim, You've worked so hard and you did the things I asked you to do. I'm really proud of all you've accomplished and you're a huge inspiration to me and many of my clients. Thanks for the great review!
saada al aufy
On Oct 31, 2012
Dear Ann, I am looking for a qualified instructor in the Ras-al-Hamra Fitnes in the Sultanate of Oman. We will appreciate if you can join us or alternative recommend a person with similar qualifications like yours. Thanking you inadvance for your support and looking forward for an earliest reply. Kind Regards Saada
Kellie L
On Jul 25, 2012
Mary Ann is a wonderful personal trainer! She makes you feel comfortable and understand exactly what you want to improve. She makes going to the gym something that you look forward to. While doing the exercises she fully teaches you so you can do them successfully on your own. She has created a great and positive outlook about being consistently fit, couldn't of done it without her!
Mary Ann's Response on Aug 13, 2012:
Kellie, Thank you for the review! It was such a pleasure working with you and watching you work to reach your goals. I'll miss seeing your smiling face but I wish you all the best in the future in Arizona!
Heather Little
On Aug 03, 2011
Mary Ann has been the key factor to my recent fitness and weight loss successes! I've been up and down with my weight forever it seems and have always been physically active in some way, but it was a sports injury that put me out of commission for several years. Only within the the past few years have I been able to make positive changes in my life and feel confident enough to begin my weight loss and fitness journey. I finally decided to join a gym in March 2011. That's when I found Mary Ann and my life literally changed! I found someone who I was able to relate to on so many levels and I truly felt that I could trust her with my deepest, darkest fears about weight loss. She has always made me feel accepted and can ALWAYS find something for me to do when the sports injuries occur! I've lost over 20lbs. so far and look forward to working with Mary Ann for as long as she'll have me! Love you lady! :)

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