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Annette Huff
On Nov 05, 2012
I recommend Dale to anyone at any level of fitness. My husband and I started going to Dale after attending his Zumba class. Mike was skeptical about going. He basically said okay because I said we should try since we weren't making much progress on our own. After we started he was glad we did. Dale designs a workout for your level. The only time he pushes you to do more is if he thinks you are slacking off. Having a good trainer is well worth it. As Mikey says, "Try it, you'll like it!".
Brian Waingrow
On Oct 30, 2012
Dale is great. I worked with him for nearly three years before I had to take a break because of work scheduling issues. For a while I was working with him twice a week, which is what I'd recommend. Once I switched to two days each week I really started to see results. When you discuss your goals, he'll put together a plan to get you there. His workouts are hard but very productive, When you finish your training with Dale, you realize how productive the workout really is. Give Dale a call when you're ready to commit to improving your life. You'll be glad you did.
char wislon
On Oct 30, 2012
I went to Dale after I had tried everything else to reach my goals, he really listened and started me out slow. With in a month I could see and feel a difference, with in a year I was with in a few lbs. of my goal. He has the greatest ability to know and understand exactly what you and your body can and cannot do. If something is not working, or its not feeling right he has numerous other excersises for the same muscle group that will work. He will also give you many that you can do with our a gym, and at home which is nice when you are too busy to get out and go.

highly recommand Dale to anyone, he really is a great trainer who wants for you to learn it the right way first then works on pushing you.
Gita Terry
On Oct 30, 2012
Dale is a terrific trainer. He knows so many different ways to exercise a particular part of the body that if one exercise isn't working for you or doesn't feel right he has several more he can turn to and one is bound to work. He is sensitive to injuries and just plain "getting old" aches and pains and again has many alternatives to try. He listens to your concerns, is motivating without being punitive or shaming and gives you a really great workout! I swore I was born without core muscles but after just a few months training with Dale I actually could feel stomach muscles! He is concerned about all around health and fitness and offers lots of good suggestions. I really enjoy working out with him.
Anne Singer
On Oct 29, 2012
I can't say enough good things about Dale. He is great! I've worked with many different "trainers" or at least they call themselves that without really having the expertise to get the results you really want. Dale knows his stuff and goes the extra mile to see that you get the results you want. In addition, he's just an all around great guy. If you want to get in really good shape with consistent results, then don't look any further. He's your guy!

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