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Mike Hebel
On Aug 02, 2011
I met Nannette a few months back when my wife and I started on a lifestyle change of eating right and excercising. Well I am now 38 lbs lighter and in much better shape.

Nannette has been a great trainer, she is always willing to give you advice and tips to help you meet you goals.
One of the things I like about working with her is that she understands that working out/training is just a part of your daily life. She is not one to push you and say hey you need to work out 8 hrs a day to be healtly. She knows that sometimes life gets in the way, and she helps you deal with that by working around your schedule.

She also has a great personality that adds just the right amount of "fun" to the tediuos task of working out. Combine that with her knowledge of eating right, and fitness training, you can't help but get healthy and in shape. (as long as you don't cheat!)

I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

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