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Jean Malafronte
On Jul 17, 2013
I have been taking Ariadne's yoga classes for about a year and the benefits have really 'paid off'.

My husband and I have a camp in Maine. We have no electricity so we have to transport a generator on the back of his truck whenever we make the trip. Picking up the generator and placing it in the bed of the truck is not easy. I lack upper strength or should I say I use to lack upper strength. Much to my surprise I was able to help my husband pick up the generator, put it in the truck and then later pick it up and place it back on the ground when we reached our destination. I give all the credit to Ariadne's yoga class. I now have the upper body strength to help my husband. We were both pleasantly surprised.

Thank you, Ariadne.
On Mar 24, 2012
I am sold on Ariadne's yoga classes! I used to suffer from chronic lower back pain. Even after taking medication & going to physical therapy, it persisted. I then tried Ariadne's yoga classes and within a short period of time, gradually, my pain disappeared.
Her method of instruction is suitable for people at just about any level.
She offers deeper postures for the more experienced but encourages everyone to listen to their own bodies & not to compare ourselves to others. Also, she offers a variety of routines so I don't get bored.
I'm a faithful follower because I believe her classes keep me stronger & more flexible than I would be otherwise. Give her class a try!

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