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Anthony Reyes
On Apr 10, 2013
I've worked out in other gyms and gone through circuits using expensive gym equipment, however I found that routine to be boring and very difficult to achieve the improvement I wanted to achieve. Someone looking for a workout that is more than just sitting and waiting to use gym equipment, needs to go through a training session with Michael Siler.

Siler’s workouts involve exercises that make you use multiple muscle groups at once so they are much more effective. His active involvement in your workouts allows him to tailor the workouts specifically for you. In addition to personalized workout routines, Siler varies the exercises so no two sessions are the same. Another beneficial aspect to Siler's workouts is the positive reinforcement you get from him.

His ability to motivate you to get the results you want is another one of Siler's strengths as his stated goal is to put you in the best possible position to succeed. Another benefit Siler provides clients is his knowledge of diet and nutrition. His ability to provide you with answers to most of your dietary questions eases concerns about what you should eat and why.
On Aug 23, 2011
I have been training with Michael Siler for four months. I was hesitant due to his being young and, I feared, inexperienced. I was wrong. I have gained whole body and core strength, balance, agility, and I rarely experience aches or pains. Michael varies my routines and exercises to work in a very integrated manner. He comes in with a preplanned list of exercises every session and wastes little time getting me to work. I am impressed that we rarely do the same thing twice. Michael seems to have many ways of working the same body areas while integrating the whole body. He is very conscientious about working with any injuries or conditions that I may have and always starts by asking how my body feels. He modifies anything that needs to be modified to accommodate this. His workouts are challenging and fun, and I feel great after doing them. I also appreciate that Michael is a good business person. I have worked with trainers for several decades and Michael is the most consistent with keeping track of number of sessions and what I've paid or not paid. He really takes this off my plate. I am very glad to be working out with Michael. I feel strong and fit.
Tim Mercer
On Aug 04, 2011
As a school teacher, I told Michael that my training goals were strength, endurance and balance (the last one so that I could spin around from the blackboard to catch students in the act). I am also somewhat susceptible to ADD, which means that I get bored fairly quickly with repetitive routines.

Michael Siler and his workouts have addressed these challenges perfectly. Each week, he has a routine written out and prepared for me, and these workouts are varied, safe and push me to achieve. I see hiring a trainer as making an investment in my current and future health, and with Michael, this has been money well spent. I am stronger, slimmer and quite satisfied with my gym experience under Michael’s tutelage. Since I teach bilingual ed., he always throws in some Spanish, too. To be honest, though, he needs the practice...
Gary Jaffe
On Jul 21, 2011
I've been working out with Michael Siler and KinetiCore Fitness for about a year now, beginning twice a week and then shifting to three times a week. The evidence of my drastically improved physical well-being is obvious. Statistically, my weight levels have doubled (or more) and the time I can spend doing exhaustion exercises (plank matrices, etc.) has moved from 30-45 seconds to 1.5+ minutes at a time. My ability to accomplish complex, multifaceted exercises has grown tremendously -- I started barely being able to do a proper bicep curl, and now I can do curl-to-lifts on a heavier weight while balancing on one foot on a "Bosu" ball. That's all to say that my core strength and coordination is way better. And I'm looking better than I've ever looked! I've got muscle definition on my arms, chest, legs and torso which was never, ever there before. I feel strong, which, for a kid who's been an overweight bookworm all his life, is saying something.

Most importantly, Michael's methodology in making these changes possible is empowering, enjoyable and, most importantly, sustainable. I always look forward to going to the gym, I feel motivated to push my limits, yet I never feel like I'm unable to accomplish what he's asking. And he's funny and a good listener, so there's that too.

I recommend Michael Siler and KinetiCore Fitness wholeheartedly and without reservation. I'm in the best shape I've ever been, and I've got him to thank.
Michael's Response on Apr 11, 2013:
Anthony, I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience! Know that I'll continue to prioritize your success and overall enjoyment of the training we do together.
Michael's Response on Aug 16, 2011:
Thanks, Tim, it’s been a pleasure working with you in the studio! I look forward to helping you continue making a worthwhile investment in your health. I’ll be sure to practice my Spanish more, too…
Michael's Response on Aug 03, 2011:
Gary, thank you so much for the kind words! You've made some amazing progress and I admire the dedication you have to your goals both in and out of the gym.

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