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  • by RuPearl Sharpe on Jan 02, 2015

    Kurt is a great motivator, a greater relater and the greatest trainer, with compassion and patience that compels us to go the extra mile. Last year, I was fortunate enough to begin his classes, but only part-time. I am impressed at how he is able to push us to the limit as we moan, groan and threaten to quit with every move. He sets the standard and fosters the spirit of teamwork within us all. I credit his class with empowering me to regain the strength, stamina and endurance in my limbs, weakened as a result of long-term treatment. I look forward to attending class this year in a full-time capacity.

  • by Grace Caldwell on Jan 01, 2015

    Have been working out at the Piedmont/Fayette Cancer Wellness Center for a year now with Kurt after going through cancer treatment. I started with a slow process with Kurt to build strength in my legs and strength in my arms. His strength training program is excellent for any age group. His cardio bounce program is also an excellent program for all age groups who have been diagnosed with cancer or are currently receiving cancer treatment. Once you have cancer and have received chemo or radiation, the shock to the body of the chemicals weaken the body and through Kurt's programs at the cancer center I along with other members of the exercise group have been able to fight off other illness that normally would probably come our way due to a weakened condition from cancer treatment. Strength, energy, balance, motivation, to live are just a few of the many accomplishments Kurt has been able to help me maintain. Thank you Kurt for all you do for us seniors........

  • by Jennie Yang-Chen on Nov 20, 2014

    Kurt is ridiculously awesome. He makes me work really hard and push me to my limit every time i step in the gym to work out with him. He's incredibly knowledgeable and easily come up with alternative exercises to accommodate my previous injuries. He's super friendly and approachable and extremely professional. He will make every second of your workout count and at the same time, you will have fun, too! Can't say enough about Kurt!

    ~Jennie Yang (@Catalyst Fitness)

  • by Kristina Prox on Nov 03, 2014

    Kurt is an awesome trainer. He has the unique ability to push you beyond your goals while still being incredibly pleasant to be around. Work outs never fail to be both tough and fun. We have been working out together for about six months and I have never felt stronger. He is both knowledgable and professional and makes going to the gym seem like less of a chore.

  • by Brenda Holley on Oct 22, 2014

    Kurt is a deeply knowledgeable and highly personalized trainer. We have worked together for well over a year and what I have learned has made a difference in my fitness level and my understanding of how to work out effectively both on my own and with Kurt.

    Check out the certifications Kurt has gained. He's serious about his craft and it shows. He also is great at developing a training curriculum that suits the individual.
    The skills I have acquired will be retained throughout my life.

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