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Jerry Ann Yoder
On Oct 25, 2013
When I first engaged Liz as a personal trainer, I was a true couch potato who found walking a mile difficult. At 61, I thought I was just getting old. Nine months later I climbed Mt Katahdin! A year later I led a group of 8 women up Katahdin and the next year I did my first bike race! Liz gave me my life back and my grandchildren are very happy Grammie can play hard with them! I still find staying active difficult, but Liz keeps me going!
Sarah Szanton
On Oct 03, 2013
Liz has enriched my life not only by motivating me to exercise regularly, but by being a model educator who has inspired my own teaching career. As the famous Chinese proverb says, "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand." Liz involves and engages her students with passion, energy, and style. She clearly has fun getting fit and being fit. Her dedicated students eagerly follow her example!
Nancy Horigan
On Sep 27, 2013
Liz is WONDERFUL! Attending her weekly Yogalates (Pilates and yoga) class for the past 6 years and seeing and feeling the continued improvement in my flexibility, strength and overall physical being is what keeps me going back for more. In fact this will be my second year of an additional weekly one on one strength training. Liz is attentive to each person's skill and physical abilities and her gentle prodding to "do just one more" has proven well worth the effort. She is truly interested in helping each one of us attain a better sense of our own physical abilities and better overall health.
Janet Barns
On Sep 24, 2013
Liz, thank you for sharing your energy, knowledge and compassion with me. You've been an inspiration for good health, fitness and wellness for over 35 years, and still going strong!
Liz Bradford
On Feb 29, 2012
Wellness, health and fitness are my passions. I'd like to share my energy with YOU!

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