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  • by Michelle Lewis on Dec 12, 2012

    Christina's class was exactly what I needed! I have spent years working out and trying many different options to maintain my body. In just over a few months Pilates has helped me to build up my core muscles. It also helped me realize I had been exercising them incorrectly; putting undue stress on my body. Her class has increased my balance & posture while adding more strength to my core. I love that I am more aware of my core muscles and how I use them daily. I really appreciate how she goes the extra mile to educate her students with visuals in class. This is a must take class that will help you increase your core while listening to your body....I wish I would of learned these key points twenty years ago. Thank you Christina :)

  • by Alyssa Ando on May 29, 2012

    The difference between Christina and other pilates instructors I have had is her focus on form and variety. Without proper form, the exercise might not feel challenging and you could injure yourself. In Christina's classes and sessions, I'm confident that I'll always get a quality workout. And it's never the same class or session twice. Christina often changes it up and is constantly reading up on new pilates techniques and exercises, so I'm never bored.

  • by User on May 29, 2012

    Healthy Back Class has helped me to walk, bend, reach, sit and stand more confidently. I am aware of my body more and what it can do, should do and can not do. Christina has been able to explain why I shouldn't move in a particular way, but gives me an alternative method to reach what I want to do. -Heidi (55)/osteopenia of the left hip

  • by Valerie Bobbett on Aug 10, 2011

    Christina is AMAZING! I consider myself to be athletically challenged and uncoordinated. Christina is able to give me verbal cues that click in my brain and she's taught me to have a better mind/body connection. Some very subtle changes have improved my posture and stance. When I am frustrated and don't feel like I am making progress she is always encouraging and able to point out my accomplishments. I've paid for personal fitness instruction in the past and always asked them to correct my form if they see any errors- Christina is the only one who has been able to correct years of incorrect form getting me better results.

  • by User on Aug 07, 2011

    Christina has been working with me individually since Jan 2011 and in a group since May 2011. She makes learning fun and informational. I have ostopenia and I am learning how to move my body so it doesn't go any further. Christina gives me and others information and where we can find information to help to be healthy and be active. I am 54 years old.